Dessert Wine 🍷

"I feel your body's skin
Don't tease me with your eyes
It's like a taste of sin
Red lips tell only lies"

Harbert was a victim of an airship wreck and lost on a dessert island along with the rest of the crew. He survived for many, many weeks alone in the company of men. Until they were finally rescued by Captain Nemo, who gladly made Harbert his cabin boy.

Having learned a lot about how to be useful, Harbert certainly didn't disappoint his new employee. Little did he know that it was Nemo himself, who was behind the many challenges that Harbert and friends ran into back on the island.

Many--or let's say most--of these challenges included puzzles that could only be solved by the means of flexibility skills that young Harbert never possessed before and that he had to be accustomed with on the island with the help of his friends.

He learned to twist his limbs and body in incredible ways to be able to solve the puzzles that were the only way to their survival. The same skills, however, proved to be also useful to keep the crew's minds sane during the many days spent in complete isolation.

His friends gladly helped Harbert to improve his mastery of stretching and bending, and the solved puzzles opened doors to many useful things, including nice sexy stockings, the smallest thong that ever wrapped a young man's butt, practical manuals about making cute boys flexible faster, blueprints of stretching devices, professionally drawn illustrations of new poses for Harbert to try and many other things that one would find absolutely necessary for survival on a dessert island.

But the mystery behind all these amazing items was only solved many weeks later, when Harbert became a real expert at his new speciality, and Captain Nemo finally popped out of the algae like a sea rabbit with his submarine and many plans about how they should all join him in his crazy travels around the ocean, and most importantly, in the search of Atlantis, whose citizens, according to some rumors, had witnessed in their lives some of greatest bendy boys that lived, and who also--many thousands of years ago--lived on this very island, and indeed had the custom of using extremely flexible boys as living keys to open some secret chambers. Nemo merely revitalized some of them in order to test the crew, but the true challenges still lay ahead in the mainland of the--now sunken--city of Atlantis.

A hundred percent enthusiastic about this whole new world of contortions that lay ahead of them, Harbert jumped into the adventure head first, and the rest of the crew had no choice but to follow if they wanted to stick around their favorite blonde buttcake.

He’s gorgeous! <3 I'm so happy that you liked 😊
If I'm being served wine like this, no way am I drinking it out of glass. I'm pouring that wine on Harbert's ass and licking (and kissing) it up. If he would be displeased about wine staining his lingerie, well I'll just pull it down to his ankles before I "spill" the wine. Looks like Captain Nemo has a lot to learn from you, even being the world's finest scientist 😏
your works are divine! Admire you! I'm very happy to read that! 😊
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