Demon Zael

From time to time children with extraordinary abilities and beauty are born in the Oriental world. They're born to different tribes: elves, demons, nagas, even to mermen and angels, but they all have the same feature of being able to do amazing things without having any trainer.

Zael is one of these prodigious children from the Demonic tribe of the Peril Mountain. At an early age he could do things that other demons couldn't do even after ten years of hard daily training. His body can bend backwards to the most extreme angle, but learning it for him was as simple as learning to walk. Once he learned to curl up his back, he started doing that all the time.

Because there's no explanation to why they're born, such children like him are thought of as "gifts from the deities" and they're given very special places to live, such as palaces or temples, but it also puts quite a burden on them because a lot of people come to look at them all the time and they're often asked to show off in public, though they're usually freed from the duties other than being amazing ^.^

This is a collaborative work between me and Aldric who drew the sketch for this idea and I finished it in my own style.

Zael belongs to Aldric ©

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