Dawn of the Bent

Everything goes well deep in the tropical jungle for the friendly hunter-gatherer tribe of Benduti living by the Limbobo river, until the wind starts bringing strange spores from the other distant shore, which has always been a land unknown to the Benduti people.

As the sun goes down, so goes away the sanity of a number of people who run away deep into the jungle, chasing each other, then grouping up and twisting each other's bodies in insane ways. The nonsensical extreme contortions last for several hours until their exhausted bodies finally drop flat tired on the ground...

In the morning a group of kids and their tribal doctor cannot explain why they woke up deep in the forest together, instead of their usual sleeping places back in their huts. As the kids complain about the burning sensations in their bodies, the doctor inspects them, only to find out that their bodies had become unusually limber over night, and this burning in their muscles does also allow them to stretch and twist freely to almost any degree, but there are no other malicious symptoms to be found, so they decide that the suddenly obtained flexibility was somehow the blessing from the jungle spirits.

They return to the village to find out that they're not the only ones to wake up in the forest and the villagers still keep getting back to their huts from all over the jungle. Unable to explain what happened, the tribe lives through another day, trying out all kinds of new things that their bodies are now capable of.

The next morning the same group of kids and the doctor wake up far in the jungle once again, and again complain about the burning sensations in their muscles, joints and all over their spines. Another medical check-up leaves the doctor speechless, seeing how much more limber their bodies had become, but all he can do is lead them back to the village.

The tribal doctor gathers the whole tribe and asks everyone to bend backwards as far as they can, and he is amazed to see that not only the adults can take their heads to their own butts, but the youths can completely fold in half backwards and the kids can even bend all the way between their own legs until having their thighs in their own armpits!

And that was just the beginning of what will be known as the global epidemy of Backfolderia, which started in this peaceful jungle near the Limbobo river...

This is a brand new addition to the Boneless franchise, which is a prequel to the nonsensical apocalyptic zombie madness of Boneless 2 :D Unlike its predesc...ok google, how the heck do you spell this word? Ah yeah, so unlike its predecessor, which was entirely made using computers, Dawn of the Bent features real actors from one of the yoga schools in India, who were paid to train 24/7 for 2 years specially for this film!

What do you think? 😄
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