Dance Lessons

The noble class in this kingdom has always been into ballet dance and children usually began to stretch for ballet since the earliest childhood, so that they could reach the peak of pliance by their teenage years. At the moment the best dancer was the duchess of Porkshire, 15 years old Victania Pollard, a charming young lady who gathered a whole queue of admirers asking for her hand. She made a big celebration for all of her potential husbands, many of the most handsome boys from this kingdom and abroad came to visit.

By an old tradition, the first dancer was the duchess herself. She stood in the middle of the dance hall and made a series of beautiful movements, until she eventually unpinned her skirt and threw it away, remaining only in a white leotard. She slit into a split on the floor and two of her faithful chevaliers came to lift her up in the air. They began to stretch her legs more and more and more forcibly until her feet finally touched above her head, her face still shining with a vivacious smile despite her legs bearing an absolutely unreal hyperextension. The boys sighed, many of them had seen this famous stretch before but some of them saw it for the first time. Now they all knew what prize they were about to get for winning the duchess' hand and heart.

Once the dance was over, the boys, one by one, started to dance in front of Her Grace themselves. All the boys charmed the duchess immensely, especially the Persian prince who performed a foreign dance of his own country, moving his body like a snake. His delicate ribcage popped out so much from his bare torso that Victania sometimes had to close her eyes with her hands and look through the fingers, so very terrifying and exciting it was at the same time! The duchess was already imagining a honeymoon with the exotic prince and how they would stretch each other all night until they were flat tired, but suddenly the music started again and another boy walked in the center of the dance hall.

The orchestra made a major chord and the boy immediately pulled himself into the most sophisticated and very flexible position and froze, standing on his tiptoe. His other leg was stretched upward and laying on his shoulder, his rubber-like body bent into the tightest and most graceful curve. Hours of daily work really paid off and the young marquess was truly one of the best ballet dancers in the kingdom. He had a great sense of music, his balance was perfect, his movements fluent and his limbs were as flexible as a youth's body can be.

The duchess was so enamoured by the boy's slender and flexible legs that she suddenly wanted to try something, she called for her chevaliers and ordered them to assist the boy and lift him in the air. So they did and the boy was now in the same position as the duchess herself was at the beginning of the party and the chevaliers began to push his legs further and further. The duchess kept sighing at the beautiful sight of the boy's stretched legs again and again, now she knew perfectly whom she was going to marry.

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