Daevius' Tight Situation (WIP)

Pirates captured ex-prince Daevius, these days he was himself a pirate but also a walking bag of gold because giving him out to the right people meant a lot of money. But he always somehow managed to escape every time. These pirates, however, knew too well his usual escape tricks and didn't give him the slightest chance. They tied her so tight to the mast that he could barely breathe! He struggled in vain to escape, only panting and sweating, he tried to suck in his stomach to release the ropes a little bit but couldn't make his waist any smaller.

Of course it was all about money. But there was a little cabin boy on the ship who was too small to understand this business yet. The pirates didn't like this boy because he would always throw fish back to the sea. They always slapped him and sent her back to the cabin. He was the captain's nephew and the captain wanted to raise him as a great pirate, but so far the boy brought nothing but misfortune.

"I shall free you, mister," Daevius suddenly heard this boy's innocent voice. At night the child tried to untie the ropes but couldn't do anything no matter what he tried. "Kh- nife," Daevius coughed to the boy, "Kh- ut dem rophh." The boy understood and brought a small knife from the kitchen. It was a lot of work and finally Daevius dropped on the deck floor, breathing heavily. "Are you alright?" asked the boy. "Th..thanks, kid," Daevius gathered her strength to reply, "But they will punish you too hard this time. You better run with me."

So they jumped into the sea. The water was still warm even at night and it was very salty, making it easy to swim even for Daevius whose limbs felt very sore. And soon they reached the land.

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