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CyberSkin Industries

CyberSkin Industries (CSI) is the world's pioneering producer of androids with perfect artificial skin and pleasant features.

Its most widely known series is CyberToys™, a catalog of collectable androids, very similar to old fashion collectable figurines, except they're full-featured androids who can move, talk, kiss and everything else :3

Some of the examples include:

Artificially ElasticElven MageCharlieCyberToys - BarbarianCyberToys - Valentine ElvesCyberToys Expo - Open Air

CyberSkin traditionally releases their androids as "base models", with a minimalistic set of clothes and a smooth-crotch open to third-party customizations.

Androids - Brief HistoryThe corporation has covered a long path from the primitive Gen1 androids that had to cover a great deal of the imperfections under their bodysuits, to the newest Gen4 androids that feature a human-like skeleton, fullbody skin, ideal softness and even internal organs that process human food to extract nice oils and substances to improve the feel of the skin...

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