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Cutter's Contortion Skills

Elf Quest's Cutter showing some excellent contortion skills! :3

After all these years that I keep seeing the Elf Quest characters every now and then, I finally tried to read the actual comic itself, so this is a little attempt to study Cutter the way he appears in the 1st issue :3

I thought "damn I'm nailing Wendy Pini's style so well" and only 2 hours later when I zoomed out I figured my drawing looks more like a sketch than a comic style and Cutter's proportions don't match the way he appears in the comic at all, haha XD

Well, I still very much wanna nail a comic style some day so I'll practice a bit more later I think :3

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


#Elf Quest #contortion #fanart
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