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Cute Sprites

I've playing some silly free games recently (Knightmare Tower, Sentry Knight 2, etc) and liked this style that many of these games use that I wanted to try drawing something in this style too! :3

This shows the progression of the bendyboys from simple beggars, to various gymnasts, jesters and entertainers, to ritual dancers and ninja assassins, to dark cults of bondage and slavery, to heaven & hell, and ultimately to the afterlife where their rotten bones finally let them wrap their torsos as many times around their hips as they want! X3

I'd put all this into a real game but so far nothing interesting comes to mind for the game idea ^.^; But so far I just enjoyed drawing the sprites even if I don't know what to use them for ^.^'

#bodyclay #contortion #multiple characters #pincushion #sprite
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