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The idea of making a non-human contortionist isn't really new, I guess any intelligent race of creatures would sooner or later come up with an art form similar to contortionism, so it's sometimes interesting to guess what it might look like.

Centaur's possibilities in contortionism would be quite possibly endless, having such a complex body, so many limbs and twice as long a backbone... Well, I guess the splits is the only posture that would look funny rather than elegant on a centaur xD

However, for the first time I tried to go with something simple and just see if the horse part would look enjoyable enough doing my favorite tight fold. I found some pictures of the horse skeleton and discovered the backbend looks very similar to the human body in the same position, so there's not really much new I learned from this but I entirely enjoyed drawing this character nevertheless...^^

#anthro #centaur #contortion #horse
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