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Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!! πŸ₯°
Hi, here is promised list of imperfections on new version including screenshots. Before starting I want to say, that I know all too well any upgrades are very demanding and complaints of visitors tiresome + this is YOUR site so it must feel good for you. Still few things from old versions seemed better - Hi older Yuni "self" ,-)
All other upgrades are for the better!
Tested on desktop
1) While links on images works fine links in bottom bar "to next pages" sometime do not work in firefox and opera, can't be clicked
1b) Big one - when trying to write comment after each keyboard push screen "center" itself in that way, that very bottom of screen is on line where you are writing
2) On main page (list of images) distance (margin) between thumbnails is now too small, in old version each thumbnail stood out
Screenshot 1
3) On image detail align is no longer centered, therefore on bigger widescreen monitor I must turn my head to right while reading longer texts (this is probably 1 thing I won't get used to :-(( ).
Screenshot 2

4) Font of story is no longer black and seems little blurry now
Screenshot 2
5) Little space on very top (and bottom) of page before image and story was good touch, I think you wanted to make your images bigger on smaller screens which seems like good call but on big monitor it looks bit weird
Screenshot 2

6) Comment section, in old version each comment had unique border pattern, it looked oldschool, but somehow liked that personalizing feature, in new version borders are almost all the same.
Screenshot 3
7) Comment section, reaction comments are placed above original comment and are lacking your snail signature making it for new visitors very confusing who is even talking with who or what was first comment.
Screenshot 3
8) Comment section, above points apply to comment form also + darker background under comments seemed better, but that is just and only my personal taste
9) New comments, variable size of comment "bubbles" looks now worse in cases when comment is only 1-2 lines long, because image thumbnail is now too cropped and it looks worse combined with smaller top bottom indents

10) Visitor can still read comments under explicit images
Alright, I think I fixed most of these things.
1) I have no idea why it's unclickable, so I just restored the way it worked in the old version, hope that fixed it
1b) Hope this is also fixed now, though again I have no idea why it wasn't working before, but I added some tweaks
2-8) Should be all fixed
9) The cropping of thumbnails was intentional, I wanted to stretch the thumbnail to the height of comment+reply, so just wait for the reply to appear and it will be higher!
10) Couldn't confirm that, to me explicit posts show "Locked post" in safe mode
Thanks a lot for testing it, now it indeed looks better after these improvements! 😊
RE: Proprietor's [Yuni's] comments above mine.
I took a break after you deleted a couple comments I posted here, I thought you were displeased with me. In one comment, I jokingly (though perhaps not explicity enough in jest) referred to engaging another commentator in Mortal Kombat for the love of a boy.
In any case, I was leaving so many comments that it felt like I should back away. There was a flood of comments in my absence, which was reassuring that this place was getting so much attention. Shifty is definitely a devotee, his comments are so long that I get lost in the conversation. I like that he signs his posts, it's something I should have been doing from the beginning but so stupidly overlooked.
As for you keeping tabs, or "mental dossiers" on guests, I can only speak for myself but I don't find that creepy at all. I really should've been signing my posts to begin with, as I said. I've no problem at all with being identified within the Yuni fandom. My life is extraordinarily lonely (no spouse, no children, no familial connections, no friends, etc.) so it feels good to be known by another, even if only through cyberspace.
It's truly exciting to hear that there will be another Archie work and a new smooth crotch boy (boys are better without the penis [aka. englarged clitoris] and scrotum) anyway. In the old days, castration/emasculation actually often left eunuchs with more feminine appearances, since they did not go through puberty (voice changes, body hair, public hair, etc.). Of course, that's assuming the potential eunuch survived the procedure.
Before you created Archie, I considered Ciel Phantomhive (from Black Butler/Kuro-shitsuji) to be the perfect boy. As a matter of fact, this is my current desktop wallpaper/background: images2.alphacoders.com/108/thumb-1920-1081723.jpg
On a yaoi-centric forum, there was a boy feet thread that I was contributing to, and I had indulged in my love for Ciel. I said something to the effect that I'm such a foot monster that it gets in the way of everything else. Basically, I'll get distracted by Ciel's feet, and forget all about anal sex. As for sexposition (sex positions), I proposed hugging Ciel's leg while he places one foot on my face with some of his toes in my mouth.
I like to imagine being a professor at Miskatonic University, with Ciel being one of my students. Then starting a teacher-student relationship, like so: static.zerochan.net/Ciel.Phantomhive.full.1127407.jpg
I don't think the most sensual experience with Yasha would be pounding his ass. I think the most sensual experience would be worshipping his feet. His Christmas appropriate outfit here really appeals to me.
Now that Archie is in my life, I consider him to be the perfect boy. Nay, the perfect being. As far as I'm concerned, Archie is god (whether he's an avatar for Loki, Yeshua ben Yosef, Krishna Shauri, Ahura Mazda, any number of Bodhisattvas, etc.) incarnate.
Your work is helping to keep me sane and centered during this COVID (or Cough-choo) pandemic, which still hasn't ended (I never thought the pandemic and the policies resulting from it would be going into 2021).
Thoughts of Archie's mouth, nose, nipples, navel and feet help me and are constantly on my mind. I like your suggestion of Santa's elves doing the actual home deliveries, but Christians (especially Anglo-Christianity) would be worried that it invites a homoerotic interpretation (cute elf-boys sneaking in at night, what if someone leaves their wife for an elf?).
Whoa... I can't say that I can say a lot about Ciel Phantomhive.
Yes, Archie's new pic is coming, not too long to wait I hope πŸ˜‰
Master Gu has found the 'Philosophers Stone' of Daoist alchemy with his tea potion. Either that or Yasha is going to need rescuing by a Daoist exorcist. An evil spirit taking the form of a pretty boy is something I would immediately fall for. I'd be dead in no time at all in such a universe. Reincarnated just to die yet again from the same demonic trickery.
In one of William Burroughs books (I'm thinking it was 'The Western Lands'), he talks about how in Japanese folklore there are fox (kitsune) spirits that took the form of beautiful girls that lure men to their death. He said he felt sure there would also be kitsune boys. I'm reminded of that Yasha mentions evil spirits.
Okay, I made it through reading this two-parter and contributing comments without being a pervert and without talking about Yasha's feet. And holy shit this was painful for me, I'm sweating bullets.
Yes, the Philosopher's Stone in terms of flexibility. And we still don't know if Gu is being honest or did he just eat the poor old man to have Yasha all for himself? I bet these doubts still strike Yasha's mind many times a day and every time Gu has to prove himself.
Yasha: "My grandfather used to give me hugs all the time!"
Gu: "Err, yeah but... In this form it might be rather awkward?"
Yasha: "Aha! Caught you, evil spirit!!"
Gu: "Well, I guess it can't be helped..."
Yasha: "Hmm, yeah, it feels... kinda..."
Gu: "Alright, enough! Now let go!"
Yasha: "Naaah..."
Gu: "Hey, hands off my buttocks! I'm your grandfather! I'm also underage! Don't make me hurt you!"
Yasha: πŸ™„