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Bonus 2

Noah couldn't help but smile as he looked at the flashy circus poster that showcased him performing his signature 360-degree torso twist in a bright yellow rubber suit.

The applause and excited cheers of the adoring audience still rang in his ears, and the whole thing felt like some kind of wild dream for the 19-year-old teenager.

It all began one day when he turned eighteen and just got his first job at the circus laundry, wringing out wet clothes by hand, when it suddenly gave him an idea...

Now, after over a year of daily dedication, Noah has turned into a local and global sensation. He's become the talk of the town – delighting audiences with his unparalleled flexibility!

But Noah couldn't help but feel like he's just getting started on this rollercoaster ride of successes and challenges. The best was yet to come!

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Noah is a really cute one. It's nice to see how he looks in these last three different styles. Always a pleasure to watch your art.

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Thank you so much!! I'm happy you liked Noah and my recent style experiments. I've been having fun trying out different things lately. More to come! :D Read more
My comment will be really silly but Noah seems to me here like cute and sweet Lolly Pop :)
Or at least some otherwordly figure from old fashioned advertisement on them.

It has this romatic nostalgy feeling including his very unusuall glance.
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Ah haha, it does have that retro vibe doesn't it? He does look a bit like if you tried to lick him, your tongue would stick right onto him and not let go. Hahaha!

I know what you mean about his nostalgic and romantic glance. It's as if he's saying "You can trust me, I'm a professional", while simultaneously winking at the ladies in the crowd. He's like a mix between a snake oil salesman and a magician. A charmer for sure! :D Read more
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So glad you enjoyed the performance! :D Read more
I just imagine the lovely beads of sweat on his body, after he removes that pretty rubber suit! -[M] Read more
Oh yes, makes me wonder why they had to wrap him up in rubber when he seems pretty much made of rubber himself XD Must be some safety precautions, you know, so no one faints at the sight of 50 Shades of Shiny Rubber XD Read more
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