🧺 Circus Laundry

Part 5 - 360°

Noah's determination finally paid off after two long years of strenuous exercise. He now possessed the astonishing ability to twist his body to a full 360 degrees, just like some of those famous contortionists he had idolized since the beginning.

With the air of a newly minted wizard, Noah began unveiling this mesmerizing party trick at every opportunity, captivating and bewildering his friends and family alike. As they stared on in awe, their initial shock would soon give way to admiration, marveling at how casually and naturally he performed such a feat of flexibility. This unique talent of his quickly became legendary among those close to him, sparking envy in some while inspiring others to dream of attaining similar levels of suppleness.

As whispers about Noah's remarkable skill spread throughout the circus grounds, word reached the ears of seasoned performers who once wore the laundry boy's meticulously cleaned leotards. Intrigued by what they had heard, these talented artists approached Noah, offering their guidance and encouragement as they recognized the potential of this young prodigy.

Emboldened by this unexpected support from experienced professionals, Noah threw himself headlong into refining and expanding his already impressive arsenal of contortions. Under their tutelage, he pushed himself to new heights of physical mastery, setting increasingly ambitious milestones for himself and breaking barriers of human flexibility that few before him had ever dared to imagine possible.

Noah delved deeper into the realm of contortions, exploring uncharted territory where only the bravest souls dare venture. He discovered a sense of tranquility within each stretch, effortlessly mastering these acrobatic feats like a seasoned professional: the Marinelli bend, the Ruppel backbend, and the DiMario knot were just a few examples of the countless challenging poses that Noah had mastered with his incredible flexibility. His spine, moldable like clay, was already adept at accommodating most backbends, frontbends, and sidebends, allowing him to fold in half in any direction, as if he were made of rubber.

He took particular delight in folding himself into the tight confines of a laundry basket, or forcing himself into cardboard boxes just small enough to offer an irresistible challenge.

But it was the splits and oversplits that truly tested his resolve – the move was completely new to him, requiring to stretch muscles he had never known existed until now. With unwavering determination, Noah persevered through the initial difficulty, drawing upon the wisdom and counsel of his fellow contortionists to gradually make progress.

He began to envision a new ultimate goal for himself – the fabled full 360-degree oversplit. It seemed almost mythical, reserved for the legendary few, but Noah had always been a pro at counting degrees, breaking down each move into measurable increments, and now, he would apply that same precision and dedication to his pursuit his new goal.

However, this is a story for another day...

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I'm so committed to his journey! I can't wait to see him start the same incredible series of progress on leg flexibility, too! This has been a wonderful series. I'm in love! Read more
Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support! I haven't started to think about Noah's leg flexibility training just yet, but I have no doubt that when he masters the 360-degree oversplit while doing his 360-degree twist at the same time, he'll unlock the doors to a parallel dimension or two! ;D Aliens will start passing through his laundry like it's an airport security gate, haha! Read more
There's something so sweet and cozy about this series that's so satisfying. It has a perfect cliffhanger ending that's not frustrating. This is awesome. Thank you. -tbj Read more
This was the first picture I actually made of Noah in the laundry and I was so thrilled about how it turned out (lol) that I immediately wanted to make more :D Read more
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