🧺 Circus Laundry

Part 3 - 300°

Noah diligently practiced torso twisting after returning to his laundry duties, but it was no easy task. For two grueling months, he worked hard to increase his range from 270° to 300°.

Though he could pretend that his neck twist made it seem like a complete 360°, Noah refused to settle for anything less than true flexibility. That meant aligning the shoulders just right against the hipbone, with the body as twisted as possible in between, but in reality it felt about as tough as wringing out a stiff towel!

Undeterred by the obstacles ahead, Noah remained steadfast in his pursuit of freedom from his physical limitations. He dedicated his daily working hours to stretching and twisting from 9 to 5, patiently waiting for the day when his shoulders would finally catch up. Once he got home, he continued his practice from 5 to 9, maintaining a full twist while enjoying his beloved video games.

As days turned into weeks and then months, Noah's dedication paid off. His body grew increasingly flexible, making it easier to achieve an ever greater twist. With each passing day, Noah gained confidence and satisfaction from witnessing his progress.

Now, at 300°, Noah no longer needed a mirror to admire his twisted form, he simply looked down on himself, flashing a proud grin seeing how far he had come. Yet, he couldn't help but be honest with himself, realizing that the next 60° would probably take as much effort as the first 300° did...

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I wish I could be so dedicated and hard working but laziness is sometime strong with me :( but it is very inspiring not as just story but as your real hard work.
Shifty Read more
Well laziness can be used as an advantage in the world that's trying to make you do so many things that are completely unnecessary. Read more
Again, simple and perfect. I always love more Noah, and this is an embarrassment of riches. The story is an awesome serial that keeps me riveted for each "chapter". This is really a showcase of your numerous talents, aside from porn. -tbj Read more
I'm very happy that you liked the series! Once I thought of this idea of merging contortion twists and wringing out clothes, it was impossible to make just one! :D Read more
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