Chuya's Practice

Shamans often preferred sharpening their (and their apprentice's) skills in various beautiful desolate places. This is just one of those evenings and one of those places ^^

When Chuya was just having a great time enjoying himself at the edge of a black cliff, playing with the sensations his body was getting from the posture and admiring the setting sun, he totally didn't expect that Young Lord of the Woods, Sowi'ngwa himself would appear to look at him ^^;

Though it happened to be one merry spirit and he gave Chuya a gift on his way back home through this very forest: Chuya met a wolf and then two big coyotes and each time he had to prepare his bow waiting for attack, but the animals were just staring at him rather peacefully and the coyotes even grinned as if they were cheering him.

"One blood, you and me", said Chuya.

Okay, so this is Chuya meeting one kind forest spirit. Chuya means "snake", and Sowi'ngwa means "black-tailed deer" :3

What do you think? 😄
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