Christian's Workout

It's an image from a dream... I'm pleased with the way the pose came out because of the hair, the way it lays on the hips is so charming in a weird way ^_^;;

The pose is unearthly, as I said it was just a dream.... but the impossibility hypnotizes me.... XD

What do you think? 😄
Love the bracelet in his feet. Read more
Thank you ^-^ Read more
The background is really pretty and makes the whole image grand! Read more
So glad you liked it! Thank you! ^^ Read more
This is gorgeous! I love the hair! And the pose is just stunning. I had to look twice to make sure my eyes were seeing what I thought they were. It's beautiful.
Hey, I found this video of a girl doing a bunch of the poses that you draw, and more. I was thinking it might give you inspiration. If I could paint half as good as you do I would be painting these poses in a second!
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Yea, I accidentally thought of this pose and how it would look specially good with a long hair, and also there's something specially hypnotizing about really advanced poses like this... I'm so glad to know it had the same effect on you, I actually drew this one about 3 years ago and so it's fun to view it occasionally and I'm always like hey wait, is he really doing that??

When you think of it, rationally, there's nothing special, just bending, but at the same time it's so much more but it's almost impossible to explain what exactly, but say, if there was a poll asking for the most beautiful thing the mankind has invented and there were, like, 10 answers, I'd instantly vote for contortion ^^ Read more
he has such a cute expresion^.^....i just wanna hug him^__^ Read more
I bet Dany does his workouts in this pose

Daria <3 Read more
Hehe, yeah. Bending more with each push-up 😄 Read more
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