🐈 Chat Noir

"Is my ass sexy enough my lady" 😘

What do you think? 😄
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This is such a weird coincidence!! Just a couple of days ago I was talking to Wucro and we were researching Chat Noir models to find a good one and set it up into flexible poses etc. Seems like you had the exact same idea at the same time! How weird is that xD Although obviously you set the model up yourself, it's very impressive! Both pics are beautiful, I've always loved Chat noir *w*
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Oooh cool! I'd really love to see Chat Noir in your style sometime if you ever get some free time to make a fanart of him as I'm sure would look fantastic in your style too 😍

Yeah I made his outfit from scratch, glad you liked it! 😁 Read more
The things I will do to this boy! You draw the most incredible outfits. Read more
Hehe, thank you! 😄 Read more
If the gorgeous face and sexy pose weren't enough, that zipper is just TOO much! :D Read more
What a delightful catsuit. So a tight and stretchy just like our hero ;)
I like this deisnt a lot like an armour around his shoulders and clavicles. It even has a window to let everyone see his chest and tummy! That "funcitonal" zip though ;D almost like it was soleyl intended to expose our hero's most sensitive spots.
Love the casual pose too, an effortless leg behind his head. Being a bendy neko boi he jwill have to trouble licking himself all over. Read more
Thats what I call bonus content. Omg that suit is getting better and better with each new angle :) and belt works so well as a tail!
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I don't see the program, but I Love Cat Noir... a fella in a tight sexy black catsuit.... XP... amazing XP Read more
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That zipper tab placement is still perfect, and the suit makes it hotter.
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Sorry for the second post... I just noticed the only thing missing is a zipper tab at the other end, for easy access that way, too. ;)
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Would be probably a smart thing to have two of them on both ends XD Read more
I like the content of the Chat pretending to be a wax figure in the story😍Can you use this theme to create works? Read more
I'm not sure if I understand, was the wax figure in one of the episodes? Because I only watched the 1st season of Ladybug... Read more
Practical suit. 😉 Read more
Yes, Adrien and Cat Noir have different scenarios of posing as wax figures(But such a plot is rarely just a fragment)😚
I want to make this idea pornographic😜🤤 Read more
I could post it in future Update n.9 in my Zonerama collection with a link to this page if you wish.
The link to the Zonerama collection is in my Pixiv profile:
www.pixiv.net/en/users/95163707/bookmarks/novels Read more
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