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CyberToys™ is a catalog of collectable androids released by CyberSkin Industries. They're very similar to old fashion collectable figurines, except they're full-featured androids and can move, talk, kiss and do whatever else you want. CyberSkin traditionally releases their androids as "base models", with a minimalistic set of clothes and a smooth crotch area, so all models are open to third-party customizations.

Description: Based on the body of the French contortionist Charlie Blouin who's recently gained popularity for his nude contortion tutorials as well as his "Charlie's Friends" series. The model reproduces all of Charlie's contortion lessons, as well as his performances. "Charlie's Friends" is an on-going series where Charlie invites various famous people to find out how far they could stretch him. Ever dreamed of being in the shoes of one of those people who lay their hands on the body of the sweet teen contortionist? Well, now you can experiment with your very own Charlie all day long and gradually unlock various secret positions and advanced bends. Charlie gets progressively more flexible the more hours you invest into his training. He will progress from Level 1 to Level 99, although the higher levels will require you to be extremely inventive. All this and more for affordable price of only $7799!

Note: According to the law, the genital set must be purchased separately. The licensed gen mod for Charlie can be found in third-party catalogs as P416-CH, although the model is generally compatible with any USP 5.0+ genitals.

Warning: gen mods heavier than 10 lbs (4.5 kg) will be rejected by the model. We strongly discourage you from hacking this limitation as the model's skeletal structure is accurately balanced to be light-weight and dynamic.

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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