Change the World

"I want to change the world
kaze wo kakenukete
nanimo osorezu ni
ima yuuki to
egao no KAKERA daite
Change my mind
jounetsu tayasazu ni
takanaru mirai e
te wo nobaseba
kagayakeru hazu sa
It's wonderland"

- Inu Yasha opening theme

I want to change the world
Piercing through the gales,
unafraid of anything,
Now I hold my courage
and pieces of my smile
Change my mind
If we reach out
to the soaring future
without losing our passion,
we'll be able to shine,
It's wonderland

...As the food on Earth kept getting worse, all the scientific resources were put into finding a more adaptive nutrition system for the human body. It was the goal No.1 for everybody because it felt like the human race was doomed to die of starvation. And it was eventually discovered. It was so great that it required only a small tube-like system to feed the whole organism and it worked on pills instead of meals.

The surgery was completely free because afterwards the person didn't need any regular food anymore and it was a huge economy factor, since the nutrition pills could be made of almost any organic trash. Because of this, the government supported this surgery a lot and in many countries regular food became extremely pricy, forcing many people to undergo the surgery.

But the surgery involved removal of almost all of the natural organs involved in digestion, so the drawbacks of the new nutrition was having a deep hollow in the abdomen, and the muscles normally weren't able to support the torso after this surgery, so the patients had to wear corsets for a while. But soon these corsets started getting more and more fancy and many people even stopped developing their muscles properly to be able to walk without the corset, it was so much easier to just keep wearing it and make it all pretty.

Much like the world was crowded by longhaired guys in the 70s, it was now crowded by waspy beauties. The new human body was highly praised by the media, while the addicts to normal food and normal body shape had harder and harder times as most of the regular food shops, restaurants and cafes were closed.

In a few decades, addiction to old food became a crime comparable to drug use, and people who moved to wild areas to be able to survive on old food and keep their bodies unchanged were hunted down by the police, while oldschool farmers were seen almost as drug lords.

Even simply saying that an extremely small waist is ugly or calling the disemboweling surgery a "mutilation" has become a criminal offense. The last person who had memories of the old world died many years ago and now the previous version of the human body could only be seen in really old movies that nobody watched anyway.

The world was no longer the same...