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Father and Son"A horse's misbehaviour will be in direct proportion to the number of people who are watching." (Murphy's Horse Laws)

Hay Neigh-bor! So you're here to learn about the centaurs. Well, centaurs sure won't burden you with tomes of knowledge, they're very simple, so simple that they don't wear any clothes, have a minimal "culture" and spend most of the time playing their favorite game of Chase, running wild across the vast steppes. Centaurs are very sex-loving, perhaps only elves are more fond of lovemaking than centaurs, so the reward in this game is perfectly obvious :) The Chase between the opposite genders is a bit less frequent as apparently it results in breeding, but it's also the favored way because children of the Chase are always born dexterous and energetic.

Their other favorite game is archery, they use wooden bolts to hit fruits off those very high trees that they can't climb otherwise. But since basic archery is boring, almost all archers are great contortionists who never shoot from normal positions. The whole art of archery is to see how far you can twist and still hit the yummy fruit!

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