Celestial Concept

{(Art by A.F.) }

This illustration was drawn and contributed by A.F. Used with the author's permission.

A.F.'s comment:

An old concept of an idea I worked with the help of my friend Yuni for his world of Yunia ... some time ago we have been playing with the idea of something like angelical beings, and in the middle of the talk the concept of aliens came out... as usual I guess... {So I started from a simple idea; making a "sexy grey alien" .. and why not?} after all the image of the "greys" is so established in the popular culture than one (a lazy one) could easily take advantage of that to save time and work.

So, I started with those small, big headed big eyed guys as a background... and even if I kept a lot of the basic "ideal" of them, of course I had to change a lot (after all, a tiny hairless fatty with hydrocephaly doesn't seems sexy to me), changes than include the "super original idea" (notice the sarcasm) of not making changes... duh!... So, I combined a more human body with a lot of tiny variations in order to produce something equally common and strange (I don't think than the word "exotic" could be completely used here, but it is my perception). And the Celestials were born.

The final concept (which I have to say, was drawn in more or less fifteen minutes) was of my taste. They have a height of only 1,50 m. and yes, they are extremely soft but not completely fragile (let's talk about this in a minute), and with their pale skin, an absent of nails, nipples and sexual organs (c'mon, they are aliens) they almost look like mannequins ... however, their peaceful nature and easy smiles are perhaps the most deceiving of their traits, because when they see you with those big bug eyes, they could be your worst nightmare (or your best dream, that depends on your kinkiness)

Don't misunderstand me, they are not evil alien invaders, but they are definitely not emissaries of peace or some hippy crap like that... no, they are just completely alien to us, alien to our ethical concepts or even to our conceptual realities, an because of that they have their own (alien) conception and perception of the universe; in which all exist in order to be "embellished" and "perfected"... and that includes us!

Then, for Celestials we are just crude material, "rigid material" (as they call us), and just as we see a piece of wood, or metal, or a rocks or any other stuff we could mold to our own utility, they see us as rough pieces of clay, but with the potential of being beautiful and useful. Now, the concept isn't completely mine, in fact I took it from Nemo Ramjet's "All Tomorrows", which I consider awesome (go ahead, read it if you don't believe me)... but I tried to give my own approach. And in this way, as they see themselves as universal artists, in which each material must be taken in order to give them a utility, they selected "unpolished rigid materials" to be embellished. And with their technology this includes a lot of possibilites, depending the individual taste of each Celestial of course.

Now, remember I said they are not fragile, well this is because their bodies are almost impossibly flexible (for human standards), capable of the most extreme poses (which are as natural to them as walking to us), and this is important, because their conception of beauty goes hand in hand with their own bodies (just think in how we made sculptures resembling human features), so is common to them to just take a "rigid material" and after giving it a standard treatment (an initial "polishing" to fix some initial details) they twist it until it takes a more "proper" pose... now, this kind of sculpting is not the most extreme, because besides interstellar travel, Celestials are masters of organic manipulation, and they are capable to (literally) play with the materials, and reform them in any form they desire.

So, they actually can take a human and reduce it and reshape it in any possible form, all to decorate their personal space or their bodies... and the worst (or best part, that depends on you :/) is than the new "polished material" remains not only alive, but quite conscious... and pretty aware of its new condition :)...

So, do you want to be abducted? because I heard they are looking for a new chair :)

What do you think? 😄
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