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Cabaret Noir

The dark skinned beauty bent over backwards and gracefully like a feline landed his palms on the floor not far behind his feet. His body made a tight arc and he curved deeper, bringing his head between his own thighs; his spine obeyed the dancer's ambition without resistance. He raised his exotic slanted eyes at his dancemate and smiled with a tease.

His blond muscled partner was the sole person in the room to capture this smile as it was completely shielded from the audience by Sasa's thighs laying on his very shoulders to the left and right of his face. The sight of this beautiful face enclosed by the smooth dark thighs was so delightful that Dariush felt as if his lower belly started filling with hot water from inside.

At this point he was supposed to gracefully wave at Sasa and then smile at the audience, as if presenting this extreme and elegant stunt to the crowd's enjoyment, but he just couldn't take his eyes off that beautiful dark face. He felt hypnotized by the sight, his legs themselves slid into a split and in a second he found himself landing right next to his ravishing friend.

Sasa was caught a little by surprise by this but realized that he himself was to blame, so he decided to play along and reached for his boyfriend's parted lips. He raised one of his legs in the air to make the kissing visible to the crowd. It was embarassing as hell but it would have been a lot worse to keep it private, making out right on the stage while trying to hide from everyone. At least this way it really looked like a planned part and their lips touched to the public's applause...

Sasa belongs to Nazzba ©

Black ThaumaturgeDariush is my new black thaumaturge character that I previously drew here and thought it wouldn't hurt to poke my tablet pen around those curvy muscles of his some more X3

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