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Manipu is a planet with a very strong inequality between the rich few and the struggling majority. The rich live inside powerful strongholds, ruled by kings and protected my knights, while the poor live in the urbs and only allowed to enter the strongholds to entertain the rich.

Tube ManipulatorNaturally, the nobles most prefer to sponsor the attractive youths, but specially those with the very pliant bodies as the main fetish on the planet is body manipulations. Contortionism is the most common entertainment, although it can go beyond that to all sorts of body deformations.

Alien PrincessManipuans generally hate large crowds, so even a few millions of people was considered "too much" for the planet. To solve the problem, governments encouraged same-sex relationships as strictly as they could. As it didn't help and people continued to make straight couples and overpopulate, so the scientists invented a virus to control the overpopulation. Alas the virus itself went out of control, so now only 11% of Manipuans are female, turning girls into extremely rare gems.

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