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Brighter Than The Sun

Brighter Than The Sun v2"The princess sent me to tell you she wouldn't mind some pretzels for breakfast."

Elven Bathhouse+ Secret Garden= THIS! :D

Here's a couple of elven boys who currently work in the palace of the elven princess Arisha.

Amtril on the bottom was stolen by gypsies as a baby and grew up around outlaws, trained to amuse for money which all went into the gypsies' pockets, until one day the elven princess saw him performing and freed him, but after he explained that contortion was the only thing he knew, she made him her personal bendy jester, so he could continue living off the skills he already had.

Falaerin on the top is the princess's childhood friend, they met when they were both kids and Falaerin was so adorable that the princess just wouldn't let him go, even though he wasn't any sort of noble and just a regular villager's son. As he grew up his long-haired cuteness flourished into beauty, but he also became a major perv, even by very very high elven standards XD When the princess brought this new bendy boy to the palace, Falaerin was very amused by the new opportunities :3

As it often happens with the elves who rarely have just couples, the "love triangle" smoothly grew into a threesome, which is of course not the limit for elven relationships XD

p.s. The woman on the poster is NOT the princess!! XDDD It's the Snowmaiden from here:

The Snowmaiden

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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