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The Fairy Ring My Ass

Witch Gabby de Passe grows the Bonerus Aerectus mushroom which looks and feels just like a man's penis but grows to the size of a man's arm!

My dear readers,

I know you would be interested in this witch boy I found in the marshes of Fungaard, you know, the county where you simply can't tell male witches from female ones and where mushrooms pick YOU!!

The lad's name is Gabriel de Passe (or simply Gabby) and he lives in a neat little house that you can't miss as it has this most unique living fence of the Bonerus Aerectus mushrooms, the ones with a very long shaft and a phallic head. This mushroom isn't rare in the deep caves inhabited by those slippery cave elves, but never saw it growing right from the forest's soil before!

Some of them were rather giant specimens, a few were flaccid and covered with juices, seemingly from a very recent use... All I know of these juices that they can double the body's elasticity and endurance, that's exactly how some of the elves in the past went to live into caves, branching into a whole new species over the centuries. They've become fully dependant on these mushroom juices that make their bodies very supple and being able to squeeze through the narrowest passages inside their caverns that they made their new homes.

Back to Gabby! His favorite hobby (after taking a good care of his mushroom garden, of course) is stretching his legs and he has got the most incredible oversplits, the remarkable physique you can expect from such a huge Bonerus Aerectus addict. At first I saw the pictures of himself at different ages on the wall inside his minishop (looks like he has good friends among the artists). But then I got the chance to stretch him personally, too, and I got to say that's the hottest pair of legs I ever touched on a boy or girl!

Because of starting this practice every early in his life, his pelvic bone grew differently from so much stretching, not only allowing him to spread his legs to insane degrees but also take objects of enormous size up his ass, which is now his biggest hobby.

Himself, Gabby is lively and likes new people, not stiff at all and laughs a lot (though I suspect it might be the side-effect of the mushrooms). After making a wild guess about his interests, I introduced myself as the Southern Fisting Master, a famous fisting teacher with a lot of students (I made up a few student names, claiming that at least a couple of them owns the Golden Donkey award for the world's best ass).

He swallowed it all and immediately fell for it, granting me full access to his ass, so eager to hear any advices on further training. So I pretended that first of all I need to measure him and, oh boy, that hungry hole swallowed my whole arm to the shoulder! Gabby only giggled, saying he can take most of the shrooms in his fence, but still has some extra giants on his to-do list...

He allowed me to stay for a few days to see what I have to teach. We walked around the forest to find mushrooms I could use to make some advanced lubricants. After a few days he was more than prepped for the next milestone (mile-shroom?) on his list, the enormous phallic specimen standing proud in his yard, surrounded by a dozen of smaller ones. With some help from yours truly (I swear I almost double fisted him to the elbow at some point!) he managed to beat it on that day and he couldn't express how happy he was, sucking me dry and using his throat to show the depth of his gratitude!

When it was really time for me to go back on my journey, he also gave me a bunch of very useful shrooms for my alchemy experiments, as well as a large bottle of Bonerus Aerectus extracts. Well, that certainly going to be handy in my future travels!

With deep respect,
Dariush Lovehorn

p.s. Here's a picture I took with my old crystal ball (trying to find a new one but they're getting more and more expensive these days). I swear I could sense his heart beating at the tip of my fingers!

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