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"Boneless", the world's first movie about contortionists. The movie was created in association with the Daily-Bend magazine, responsible for casting and consulting the filmmakers to make sure you get the highest quality contortion film you can imagine!

Boneless is an eccentric horror movie telling about a fire in a modern aristocratic mansion, during which firemen discover a cellar full of slaves, all of them are bound with their naked bodies and limbs mercilessly stretched from one extremity to another. The movie shortly proceeds to the victims being interviewed by the police and telling in details about their crazed mistress's plan to turn them into boneless creatures. The rest of the movie is a long series of flashbacks of the lady's visits to her slaves to feed them, narrated by the victims themselves. A slave would have to earn the meal by showing off their progress and, if the lady was satisfied, the slave would receive some bread and milk. As she could only test very few slaves at a time, they often begged to be tested first, promising the most sacrificing feats and sights just to get their portion of bread and milk...

We should make an important note that despite the gross description, the movie would only shock people completely unfamiliar with contortion or those who tend to see contortion as something very painful. Otherwise, the movie does not contain any scenes of actual cruelty and can be enjoyed simply as a series of nude contortion acts performed by some of the world's best benders. We promise that the thrilling horror style of the movie does only add salt to the show!

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