Blood Angels Marine

What do you think? 😄
A chibi Warhammer game would totally appeal to me. I've never been into the Warhammer series, but having the grimdark genre turned on its head with Warhammer: Chibi Saga, would get me into it. Read more
Yup, brutally adorable 😄 Read more
Yuni WH art... 😮 💕

Please, in the name of Sigmar, please tell me you've done Slaanesh. Read more
I didn't know what Warhammer was when I drew this, just a fellow artist on DeviantArt back then drew a very cool realistic soldier and I drew a baby version of it as thought it would be funny, only several years later I learned about WH.

I looked up Slaanesh and seems to have already a lot of art, but all talking of pleasure and excess while drawing some unattractive monsters. Well, maybe that's actually "super sexy" compared to the rest of the WH universe XD Read more
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