Blond Curls 🍀

Harbert made me think I must have more blond boys than there are angels in heaven... so here I tried to make a sexy little blond bendy harem πŸ˜†

So with Harbert on the bottom, right behind him we have the president of the Teddybear Humpers Club, Martin, wearing a blue thong. Beside him Basil a.k.a. Military Fairy, most likely wearing green? Behind them Martin's son Nathaniel on the left and Yasha from Russia on the right.

Ok, my PC was literally going to explode from this amount of blonds in one shot, but just to think of all the blonds who didn't make it into this project... Matthew, Julian, Archie, Yasen, Amtril, Miguel, Roberto, Dariush Lovehorn... *disappears in the distance still mumbling all the blonds' names*

Don't know where to look first! Sooo beautiful! So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks! 😊
Wow i love the oversplit Thank you! I borrowed it from his other picture Life in Venice πŸ˜›
Every (every) your picture is A Ma Zing !!! You're too kind! πŸ˜„
What a lovely pretzel curl. Just the connection of them all touching each other makes me think of absurd operating system paradigms on Unity and such. :p Thanks!! I wonder how many of them could squeeze inside one British phone booth 🀣
More blond boys for the God of blond boys! Yuni is a God of blond boys! ;) Well, it's just funny to put so many blonds in one picture, I simply had to do it 🀣
So many beauties in one place! Sounds like the Fold Club slogan! πŸ€”
maybe your best picture Imo Maybe one day will hang in a museum! πŸ˜€
I'm sure this is how heaven must look like. If that was true, I'd hit the church every day to the rest of my life! πŸ€”
Hey Yuni! I've been a huge fan for over a year now. Love what you've been doing. Keep up the great work! <3 Thank you so much!! I'll do my best 😊
Love the art, i would added erika for puttin some variety with at least one girl. Great work!! Thanks!! Maybe she's the one taking the picture because Martin is in it, so can't be taking it at the same time πŸ˜…
Good lord! Talk about target confusion... 🀣
Las ilustraciones de muchos contorsionistas me encantan...
The illustrations of many contortionists I love them...
Tantos pretzels, pero dΓ³nde estΓ‘ el tΓ©? πŸ˜‚
So many pretzels, but where's the tea?
my brain will litteraly explode from so much contortion goodness. Welcome to the temple of contortion and thank you for your generous comment donation!! 😊
If I had to pick one you have made it seriously difficult. Ummm, oooo, well, hmmm......
I love elves so Basil? I am also falling for Nathaniel's slightly horny look that seems to radiate "Take me now!", oh, and them cute freckles? Nope I can't decide, darn. Can I take two? Pleeeease.
Nathaniel just wants his signature bend to look perfect in every picture and it's not as easy to do as he makes it look, mainly because it makes him very horny and it's difficult to not catapult his thong off! More blood has to go to his cheeks to save the world!
And Basil is not always an elf, but when he is... Anyway, yeah, I take <o> every time as a reminder that I still have to bring Falaerin back! 😝
Only look at this with an insulin pump implanted in your brain. ItΒ΄s eye candy overkill. Yes, never hang it in a museum, spare the old ladies πŸ˜›
Yasha is so cute here. That smirk!
Martin looks exceptionally delicious in that thong πŸ’• They're ALL scrumptious!!
πŸ’Œ What do you think?

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