Black Thaumaturge

This was inspired by the art of Khasdannyanlord, in particular by the following works:

Raviente Corp Ward

I loved them so much I wanted to try a similar clothes design with much of the torso and hips shown and with something original in the crotch, so I made up this character ^^

He's Dariush, a black thaumaturge from the school of black magic. In this school they learn to steal other people's energy by transforming lust into mana. They feed upon people's desires much like vampires feed upon the blood of others. But to feed upon it, the desire needs to be aroused first of all, and that's why half of the classes in the school are all about making oneself attractive. The school has the best hair stylists, masseurs, bodybuilding coaches, dance teachers and so on, only to polish to perfection the deathliest weapon of black thaumaturges, their glamour.

Few opponents can withstand this deadly glamour in battle, utterly hypnotized by the black thaumaturge's erotic charm, they're capable of neither damaging this beautiful body, nor defending themselves against the magician's black spells, moreover, even their lust becomes the source of his magical power, making him one of the most dangerous enemies one can ever encounter.

What do you think? 😄
Aside from artwork being amazing as always, have you ever considered making Voldo from Soul Calibur himself? As his younger self, practicing contortion for his beloved master Vercci? I can absolutely see him as an Italian beauty back in his youth in your style, stretched to his limits and stuff. Read more
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