Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob in erm.. bikini bottom XD

Mr. Krabs: I didn't want to tell you this in front of Patrick, but that thong makes you look like a girl.

SpongeBob SquarePants: (Bats his eyelashes) Am I a pretty girl?

Mr. Krabs: Well... yes, you're... you're beautiful.

(Mailman passing by stares at Mr. Krabs in disgust)

Hehe.. Probably Mr. Squidward got himself a Polaroid and decided to make a few artistic photos at Goo Lagoon :3 or something...

Either way, just another SpongeBoob SquareButt fanart, hopefully Patrick looks fat enough this time XD

What do you think? 😄
This one is old, and is still one of the hottest you've ever done. You need more of him. I love that his hair is fluffy? I can't explain it, because I don't think I understand it, but his hair is different than how you usually did it at this time, and it's an outstanding feature.

Speaking of outstanding, that pouch is perfection. Don't you just want to cup it in your hand? Just hold it?

Also, another thing you do so well is lower bellies. Between the bellybutton and the dick is such a sexy area on the body, and you draw them so well. Just the right amount of roundness to tell you he's fit, but he's going to feel soft.
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Nice tan , lovely bulge 💕 Read more
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