🎸 Bendy Rocker

"And every once in a while bend it!" 😜

In 2201, live performances are more like circus shows, be it rock, rap or pop, it's hard to imagine a proper gig without acrobats, tribal fusion dancers, contact jugglers and the like.

Beginner bands often have to handle this on their own, spending hours in the gym, dancing and practicing yoga to do crazy things on stage.

Wolfy's one boy band, MASS DISTRACTION, was no exception to the rule. Like many garage bands it was mainly a thing to entertain neighbors and classmates on weekends. But Wolfie always liked to do things the hard way, putting so much spine into his little performances that his audience sometimes doubled overnight.

He soon got in touch with Whanger Records, these guys could really tell the difference between the cool and the dull, and Wolfy hit the real stage before he could say, FUCK MY ASS I'M A REAL ROCKER NOW!! 🀘😝🀘

What do you think? πŸ˜„
Yay, a new character! And so pretty πŸ’– Read more
So glad you liked him! I was trying to make hair from scratch and accidentally did a mess that looked like an 80s rocker hair 🀣 Read more
You did it again... surprised in awesome way. Wolfy is just Star at first glance. Blue coloring goes so naturaly with his pale skin... .
Most of all I like, that he is so new and fresh yet looks like classic music star.

ps: Love his full name: Wolfgang Asmodeus Cockhard
Shifty Read more
Very glad you enjoyed him! He's a character I wanted to make for years, maybe without quite realizing it, but I've always been a fan of the rock/metal scene that I think contains some of the prettiest guys... 😏 Read more
Really cool! Loving the composition and this new character! I already caught myself imagining what else we might see him do in the future, I can't wait to see more of him! His exposed torso is so exquisite...
--Alldenspa Read more
Very glad you liked him 😁 I also can't wait to see in what other ways he can bend it and his "rehearsals" in the yoga class XD Read more
Does he do stage diving too? IΒ΄d like to catch him and not let him go again. Read more
Will need to write about what his live shows are like :D Read more
Well I absolutely love him and can't wait to see what kind of performances he can do! I could see a lot of fun ideas involving flexible bending, waist shrinking and so on for stage performances. Plus, a whole new generation of metalheads with an interests in really cute bendable boys. Read more
So very glad you enjoyed him! I made him by accident, was learning how to make nicer hair but suddenly started getting it to look more and more like some early 80s metal bands and thought wow that would be a huge loss if I didn't keep this so I finished his body and face and then even instantly thought of a great pose for him 😁

I'm quite familiar with a lot of metal bands and albums, so could easily get tons of ideas for femboy/bendyboy parodies 😏 Read more
Reminds me so much of the 80's! Wang Dang Sweet Poon Tang !!!! Read more
Yeah I love ancient cultures 🀣 Read more
Wow what a cutie headbanger. Interesting technique too. A tight backbend and wide legs so he can get low to the ground his beautiful hair flowing all around his face. His mouth is wide open and... drooling? You sure you didn't forget to add something to this picture ;) Read more
Oh I should have added a mic there too... I just thought about it after you said he'd get low to the ground and I remembered those contortionist stunts where they bend to reach the ground with their lips and pick up a flower or something... Would be fun if he had to bend really far to reach the microphone to sing :D Read more
Wolfie is hot!
Can’t wait to see his bassist/stickist Foxie with a thicc warr guitar >__< Read more
Thank you so much!!
Good idea about Foxie 🀣 Read more
Commenter speaking about his cute deeply felt is right, great job there! It did not quite catched it at first, but interesting detail as he is singer after all. Also moon goes well with his name :)
Shifty Read more
Didn't know what to put in the background though I think he's a special wolfy who only howls at twin moons XD Read more
Check out Bassist Lindzy for Mindless Self Indulgence ❀️ Read more
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