Bendy Diver

When the lover of deep sea explorations Yan Hawkins started diving, he had no idea the bends* would have such interesting side-effects on his actual bendability!!

(* slang for decompression process when arising from underwater)

Since it's been a long while that our limbless Jack needed a caretaker/life partner, it's finally time to design his best buddy, roommate, boyfriend, colleague, etc, etc, so meet Yan Hawkins! :3

Yan spent his early childhood living at the sea coast where his main interest was swimming and diving but the deep sea's invertebrates inspired him heavily to become as incredibly limber as he could. Of course swimming helped him enormously to keep his body fit and willing to be stretched to amazing degrees.

Yan always loved to dive as deep as he could, both underwater and between his own legs alike. Just the thought of going even deeper has always been enough motivation to push himself beyond the limits on a daily basis.

He entered the Aquatic Division of Robotized Biological Sciences (ADoRBS) at the tender age of 8 after his contortion and swimming skills qualified for piloting a small experimental submersible.

Since then he's been improving his contortion skills and testing a lot of small submersibles while working with what he enjoys so much: the Sea. All until the age 12 when he finally met Jack.

The AI chose Yan as a best match for Jack, based on their list of interests, when they were both 12. Surprisingly Yan even showed a very strong fetish for Jack's limblessness, which completely fit with Jack's own fetish for being limbless, even though technically he can wear his artificial limbs 24/7 but in fact chooses to stay limbless as much as he can during the day.

Well this is just a test of what Yan looks like, but hope him and Jack will make great partners with some more pics to come ^.^

Thanks to Kito for suggesting the character's name, some bio facts and improvements for his bodysuit, and to TK for showing me a picture with the pose on the left (age 8) that inspired me to think "what if they kept tracking their progress at different ages" :P

What do you think? 😄
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