🔥 Bendy Bennett

"It's not that Bennett doesn't feel pain, he has simply gotten used to it. He adapted to extreme stretching as other would to pungent smells or blinding light.

Therefore, the way Bennett dives between his own legs head-on without reservation has become something of a signature of his."

I found the model here

What do you think? 😄
Wow, that's really beautifully done! I've never had much luck with these models, and it's great to see what can be done with them (by someone who knows what they're doing!). Read more
Definitely didn't see this one coming! Very neat and a big laugh. Thumbs up! xDxD Read more
🥺 A new style unveiled! Wowza! Good on you for experimenting! Read more
A nice little... twist on a character that has such poor luck. Glad Bennet found something he can achieve without hurting himself! x)

Wonder how his buddy Razor will react when he sees it! o: Read more
He only has poor luck in his story quest, but after he joins the traveller he becomes so flexible that he looks good in literally any team :D

I dunno maybe he met some wandering acrobat who taught him that stretching every day is the best way to increase your pain threshold, on top of it feel lighter and more energetic for adventures. But yeah it'd be logical for Bennett to have a special talent you can work on to improve his physical RES... just to show how much he doesn't give a ffflying ff about pain :D

I bet Razor will start chasing his own tail a lot more often after seeing Bennett like this XDD Read more
I never thought you'd give Genshin a shot, and Bennet with your pose turned out extremely adorable!😍

He should really consider taking his boots off for his next performance.😉 Read more
Been playing Genshin ever since it was released but only got Bennett recently, but I'm very glad we agree this pose just boosts his adorableness beyond Lv.90 😁

This artist does a lot of great contortion art with models straight from video games, so I always wanted to try that technology.
Actually the model is a lot like painted figurines where it's impossible to pull the boots off because it's part of the leg 😅 Read more
I am not familiar with Bennett but I can say this, thanks to your art he now knows first hand what many only dream about. Here he tried something extraordinary :-) And I bet he would thanked you.
Shifty Read more
OMG! I would love to see more Genshin characters in contortionist positions! Read more
Well I also have Chongyun, the next candidate to be upgraded to the Bendy element 😜 Read more
I remember seeing this and realized it was Bennett's birthday a couple days ago! Hope to see more Genshin Characters soon! Read more
Oh you're right! I dunno, it's been months since I did this pic, wanted to do Chongyun but never got around it.. Read more
oh fuck,Genshin(chinese meme) Read more
Genetics... Genitals... ahaaa, Genshin, found it 😄 Read more
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