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Bendy and I know it!

Romir is an original character created by Aldric and he's been a very inspiring character for me that I drew a few illustrations of him already and really wanted to draw more, so here is more of him! ^.^ Here's the original picture of him by the way:

Pic. 1. Elf Romir.

The ear rings, bracelets, anklets and the circlet were also designed by Aldric Cheylan as a project for the jeweller school, they were only drawn on paper as illustrations and weren't meant to be crafted in real life, but I so wanted to see them on an actual person that I decided to draw them here ^-^

I think many people who use computers a lot know what it's like to sit in the same pose for almost the whole day, only occassionally taking small breaks to get something or longer breaks to go somewhere, etc. If so, you can easily imagine what Romir's lifestyle is like, except there are no computers in his world and he's not sitting on chairs but on his own shoulders XD

His parents say that Romir was doing backbends even before he learned to walk, that's why they got him into a contortion school at an early age, so his passion would be taken care of by an expert. When the contortion teacher, Emaryl, saw the boy, he jokinly asked the parents if he was born in a backbend because it was quite impressive to see what the boy could already do before even starting to take lessons!

Emaryl was most curious about this new pupil who never needed to be reminded to practice, in fact Romir needed to be reminded to take breaks because he spent entire days in Emaryl's school and the teacher rarely ever saw him NOT bending. Romir was either relaxing with his butt on his own shoulders or he was trying to see how far more he can stretch...

The Best Backbender in OrientalThe BridgeNighttime Pretzel

Pic. 2. See what I'm talking about?

The teacher was most amazed by this rarest passion and tried the most daring exercises on Romir, eventually achieving the results that made the boy famous all over the elven tribe and beyond as one of the best backbenders of all times! The boy himself didn't care all that much about fame as much he really wanted to find out how much further he can bend.

By the time he was a teen, he was already spending most of his life in the backbend, not only he was used to sleep in the most extreme position which was the most comfortable for him, but he even learned to walk in the street in a backbend with his shoulders passed through his thighs.

This is a gift to my dear friend Aldric, a double-gift in fact since it's both a fanart of her character and a drawing of the jewelry of her own design ^.^

My favorite part is his legs, makes me think of that sexy secretary stereotype for some reason XD

I hope you like it Aldric and others too!!

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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