Bendy Aladdin

"I saw what you did there, kid!!"

"What? No! I wasn't doing nothing illegal, good sir!" Aladdin jumped in the grasp of the muscled guard.

"Why steal when you can earn!"

"W- what do you mean?" Aladdin softened a little, already guessing where it's going but he was wrong.

"Look we have a bored princess in the palace. How about doing all your bends and jumps for a good sake?"

2 hours later...

"Oh my gosh, Abu! And to think of it we wasted all our best bends on stealing apples!"


"Not just gold, did you see her face when I showed my oversplit?"


"Yeah! Come on, let's stretch, I'm totally gonna blow that princess's mind and get a full-time job at that fancy palace!"