🏫 Benducation

Several years ago, Yasha, an ordinary contortionist at the time, was chosen to be part of the government experiments to create an unbreakable soldier. Excited by the possibility to outbend all other boys world-wide, he rushed into the obscure Siberian bunkers where he underwent an extreme transformation of his joints and ligaments using some modern shamanic practices.

By high school his body was already invulnerable, extremely lucky that every single new experiment was a success. Being a playful boy and a huge fan of everything contortion-related, he just couldn't get enough of his flexible body and would rarely perform any of the usual activities "normally".

As a young kid he was all over backbends and could easily fold his upper, middle and lower spine in half without a warmup, but more and more he noticed some odd exciment he was getting from twisting his body as well... For the last 200+ years contortion was all about backbends and oversplits, even in 2201 it was rare to see that many twists but something kept luring him like a fish into this practice.

Yasha didn't expect Siberia's elder shamans would approve of his new passion and even construct a special training device for him. Simple yet effective, it was a robotic chair that could turn around along with his thighs and hips attached firmly to it, two pedals under his feet to control the forced rotation and two belts across his chest to fix his upper body to the back of this chair.

Luckily his training outfit had a cut-out midsection, exposing his bare belly. For contortionists it was very practical because the torso's midsection was the most deformable area of the body, if one could turn his midsection into literal dough, every extreme pose woudl be a piece of cake!

Yasha was ready for this turn and it helped to have a large mirror right in front of himself to enjoy every bit of his twisted waist. It took no time to twist 180 degrees, enough to see his own butt down below, and that's where most people would stop, too excited by their own buns to go on, but Yasha was in it for the real twist! He gave his butt a low five and mercilessly pushed the pedal...

Thanks to frequent nanobot infusions, his internal organs were protected more than anything else. Any kind of deformations or injuries caused immediate regeneration processes and at the same time replaced pain with some forms of pleasant compensation.

Those regeneration processes modified his body in a way that his spinal discs mutated and changed shape, allowing for a 360 degree twist with very little effort and he could stay like that for hours. It wasn't even a chore, in fact it was more of a chore now to be forced to sit straight, e.g. at school, but thankfully they allowed anything as long as you kept your ears open and eyes peeled.

In the earlier years Yasha used to sit all snailed up with his thighs in his armpits, but now he could allow himself the proud posture of the Prince of Twisting, with his torso twisted a full circle during entire lectures, such as the History of Chinese Contortion, Advanced Anthropometry, Enterology, Bendology, Triplefoldonometry, Asstronomy, Nonconformism and Neocontortionism, and the rest of his favorite subjects...

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asstronomy 🤣
ngl I love it 😍 Read more
in depth study of the twin moons XD
Thank you so much!! Read more
I'm absolutely enchanted. You know me by now and how much I love this fantasy of "casual" contortion, far away from performances or showing off and more along the lines of it simply being weaved into the contortionist's daily life. After all, we all have bodies, right? And they're used nonstop all day. It's only natural for someone who cares about going past the norm when it comes to being able to move their body, to incorporate that naturally into the way they move and act, especially if it's associated with a pleasant sensation! I simply love the picture, an excellent work! So evocative, and Yasha is simply gorgeous.
-Alldenspa Read more
Yeah it's great to think of bendy ways to do casual things and guess there's no end to the possible ideas! Can make for a great distraction if the stretch is outside the comfort zone, so can do some casual activities to be able to sustain it for way longer and sometimes even forget how much you're twisted when distracted by some book, lectures or stuff on phone or even music. Of course nothing beats video gaming while tugged into a pretzel or any other fun challenge...XD

Very glad that you enjoyed the picture!! Yasha sure can't afford losing to his rival-boyfriend, no way he'd let that brat start bragging about getting ahead of Yasha in something because then he'll never shut up about it! :D Read more
Would Love ❤️ to have him in my class ! So Exquisitely pretty ! Ditch the sneakers though ! Read more
It's surprising that they allowed him to sit in teh front row, wouldn't that distract the entire class 😅
Guess not wearing footwear in the class would require a special permission from the principal 🤣 Read more
I'll try that pose next time in class. Looks so inspiring! <3 Read more
When you turn around to chat with the guy sitting behind you, then the teacher shouts at you so loud that you forget which way you turned and turn another 180° in teh same direction XD Read more
Oh my god, that is absolutely amazing! When I saw this pic, it literally took my breath away. The twists you do are by far my absolute favorite. The closer the flexible boys (and girls) get to rubber the better! I would love to see how far one of these cuties could take extreme twisting some day. Full body twist maybe (although that might require some help). I adore these classroom settings too, I deeply wonder what "neocontortionism" is. Maybe something like...extreme new contortion methods using modern tech? Anyways, please keep up the amazing work~!

-Kada Read more
Thank you so much! I'm so very glad you enjoyed it!! I just always loved twists and treasured every pic and vid of people doing them as it's just as amazing as it's rare... So I'm very happy that my own attempts at twisting "turn out" good XD

Yes, Neocontortionism and Postcontortionism, we definitely need some definitions XD But honestly contortion as a genre is so deep and wide that it could easily contain all kinds of different subgenres almost like music or painted art...

I agree maybe Neocontortionism is different from the classics as they use modern tech to squeeze the last bits of potential out of their already so rubbery bodies... And Postcontortionism takes it even further by putting them on Painproofen and literally turning the bendies into rubber/dough like substance XD So technically, Postcontortionism is not the classical Contortionism where everything is achieved through training, but it follows the same aesthetics while discovering new amazing forms :P

*Yasha nods as he's enjoying the lecture* 🤣 Read more
His costume is beautiful! Read more
Beautiful AND practical 😁 Read more
He just can't pick a posture at his desk, can he? I guess he finally got to sit how he wanted in the last school pic/story with Andrzej.
-tbj Read more
True and looks like the same school :D Read more
Triplefoldonometry ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Read more
🤣🤣🤣👌 Read more
The one school where contortion is always your major, and every class has you passively practicing it. Gym class must be focused and extreme training. Read more
Yeah, for example football, everyone's favorite.. one gets contorted into a ball while others sit in a circle and start massaging him with their bare feet 🤣 Read more
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