Beautiful Cinnamon Roll

Andrzej.K: Here is fun! ;-) omfg thats really pretty <3

Andrzej.K: Thank you! This is from a mental hospital 2 months ago. ???? :o

Andrzej.K: LOL! It's nothing serious, just needed documents for my employers :-) Prove that I'm not crazy. LOL! someone thot u r crazy?? D: that pic is adorable tho :3 ur housemaid took u for a blanket n rolled u up lawl

Andrzej.K: Thanks again, Erika! And so, one very conservative circus wanted to try something new, so my trainer and I offered a ragdoll action in which I show all my potential with extreme passive stretching. We practiced for 2 weeks, but when we showed the demo, the jury stated that they would give a job only after they get our sanity certificate. Can you imagine? lawl whut! dat biatch xD u sure it was a cicus, arent they suppsed to have their performer go nuts? :o

Andrzej.K: I was thinking exactly! But it was my fault, I think I missed a little. LOL! so they thot u broke ur back n called an ambulance?

Andrzej.K: :-))) No! They just demanded papers, so my coach had to take me to Backfolde-Sanitarium for a week. It was a fun place, full of crazy people, but they are focused on mental disorders related to contortion. Will you believe if I told you there is a girl who thinks she is you? ;-) what! nuts! who si she??

Andrzej.K: Do not worry, it only looks like you but she can't touch even her toes. She has a lot of your photographs in her room, although she showed me each one of them: "I used to be a contortionist like you before they locked me here!" I wanted to tell her that I had seen all these pictures in your Instagram before, but the staff told me never to argue with the patients. sec my marty is here brb

Andrzej.K: No problem, have fun! I enter the rest to read when you return. So, there are people who believe that it is Napoleon or Alexander the Great, except for those here they think they are famous contortionists! Most of them can not even touch their toes, so just juggle big names and words, nothing more... But I saw some guys who believed they were real snakes, so they stretched each other every time I saw them. They were really good! They are are some Sanitarium mascots or something you see on the ads: omfg im back... martin luvs this! he went to setup the camera, we gonna make a nude version of this brb...but keep writing~

Andrzej.K: Great fan of your nudes, Erika! Make sure to share when it's over? Anyway, Sanitarium was a lot of fun. All week I spent there because they wanted to learn a little about my "phenomenon". They have several rooms for contortion therapy, especially for patients who can not live without stretching. And I swear they did not leave any stone in my body unturned! But the arrangement in the photo I sent earlier was my favorite, they had a special bed that made it easier to keep it by myself, it was something like gym training equipment, there are bars with weights that give you good stretch, but you can at any time undo the pose. They had a lot of DVDs, so I started watching short episodes of 20 minutes and then I tried to watch two episodes in a row and I recorded by watching the full movie 2 hours non stopping my bend. This image was taken at the very end of the movie, so I may look a bit tired out there. It was my last day at the sanatorium, unfortunately. But finally did my certificate, and guess what he said? "Andrzej Kowalczyk is perfectly normal but crazy flexible!" LOL! sry jay.... martin was trying to pull me into that bend but nao this lil dairy maid need to tame his unicorn gone wild...he acutally asks if u wanna wath us on video chat while we watch u 2?? JOIN THE DARK SIDE LUKE!!!!! FFFFFFF~~~~ lawl sry the prev line was martin ;3 but yes definitely join us xD

Andrzej.K: Thank you for the invitation, Erika and Martin! But I'm afraid my coach will be back in a moment. My workouts will take 3 hours, but then I can contact you and I can not wait to video chat! c u then u bewtiful cinamon roll u :3 worm up well to give us ur best after ur workout!! xoxo

Andrzej.K: See you, Erika and Martin! I love you, guys! :-)