Bats in the Bedroom

Trained by his mother who is a professional bodybuilder and coach, Simon is the owner of the "Legs of Rubber" award and the pair of superflexible legs, able to do the 360 degree oversplit!

Most physiologists claim this to be impossible for the human physiology! Doesn't matter for Simon who sees himself as a vampire anyway.

To keep his legs stretchy usually sleeps with his legs up like a bat, making physiologists bat they eyelashes in disbelief! He is the only documented human able to sleep like that... Oh, of course we meant to say 'vampire'!

And he can even walk straight afterwards, just how bat-ass is that! Please excuse all the bat puns... XD

What do you think? 😄
This is my favourite picture at all), incredible oversplit, needs to bend toes for total flexibility. Read more
Thank you, very glad to know that you like it! 😊 Read more
Flexible knees,Love so much!!! Read more
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