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Bathing Honeybees

Unlike humans who can only imitate the wasped waist, honeybees have a natural thin waist since birth. The channels connecting their top and bottom halves are very thin and the nature has made their process of digestion so refined that anything passing through their bodies comes out sweet like nectar!

Much like we eat cheese and milk produced from the bodies of cows, similarly, honey and beer, the products of honeybees, are also consumable. Most honeybees work like cows from 9 to 5, filling all the jars and bottles.

An adult honeybee can produce a bottle of beer per day easily, simply by drinking water and waiting. Producing honey, however, takes a lot more time and sexual stimulation, that's why honey makers live in "harems" designed to be heavily erotic to keep them in the mood for hours a day.

Despite the cow-like life, honeybees also have a lot of hobbies and live in their spare time just like anybody else :3

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