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The main scene itself is cozy, but the many playful, funny details make it a real feel good atmosphere. The eroticism here feels casual and friendly, not sparated from other pleasures, and I like that. Read more
Woow, I'm very happy you liked one of my super early works. And yes, it's got to be what they call "having too much fun" 😁 Read more
I find your old pictures as interesting, as the new ones. ItΒ΄s generally fun to observe the development of an artist, I like. And your progress seems rapid. Already on the second page there is a drastic improvement of proportions and shading and the details increase. The wit and diversity is there, too.
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Yeah, the first 10 drawings took me a whole year to make, I mean they took a few days each but with long pauses in between because I was trying to figure out how to do it better, but for some reason I was trying to think of it in my head instead of practicing. In 2002 there was no Youtube and no drawing tutorials, also computers and monitors were awful, but at least drawing was already possible 😌 Read more
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