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Basil's Vacations v2

Basil - 1 year laterContortionists don't usually take breaks, they just have a very, very flexible schedule XD

WHAT!?? Third version of this picture?? Yes! :3

Yes, I wanted to try making a female version of Basil, too! :3 But lame jokes and excuses aside, here's the story :3

"Hey, Basil, it's a nice angle from here! Turn yourself around and strike a pose pleeease! Hey, Basil! Oh... oh! Haha, that's a good one! Nice seeing your ass and face at the same time, what's it called?"

"It's a new one. It's called suck my ribcage, Daryl!"

"Hah! You know, they say contortionists are boneless? Well, I dunno why, I sure can count all your ribs, alright?"

"Hmpf, stop counting them, you can shoot them all at once, will you?"

"Then shut your mouth and stop batting eyeslashes, so I can actually do that?"

"W- wait, count to 3, I'm gonna let some breath out, I can fold up some more..."

"More?? Basil, with you around who needs towels and books..."

"What? Will you start counting, because me, I'm counting all the people who already took a free picture of me and that guy over there is filming!"

"Alrighty, 3... and 2... annnd 1... annnn..oh WOW! Basil you sure do have ribs but do you have at least one vertebra?? You're such a slug."

"Pffff... did you take it or not?? Daryl!"

"...Yeah, yeah! Goddamn it... Here, look, it's already on the internet, jeez."

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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