⛏️ Basil plays Minecraft

Basil always wanted to show you how he plays Minecraft 🤣

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Yes, Minecraft is a big part in the military training and every soldier must do 1.5 hrs run every single day and beat the dragon once a week 😛

Warning: Minecraft is heavily modded like everything else in 2201, so a lot of secret military equipment is used which is unavailable to civilians XD

What do you think? 😄
WOW just wow! Read more
I know, I got this idea completely out of the blue while watching someone's letsplay, suddenly it crossed my mind it should be possible to actually render my character and put him in that webcam box 😁 Read more
This is a very cool idea. I want to know what pulled him away from the screen, though. Read more
They have to play Minecraft for 1.5 hrs a day as a military training, so probably a signal that the training is over, they also turn off the extra lightboxes in the room. His excitement maybe because the next training phase is stretching or try to take a break with his boyfriend Archie 🥰 (they're both unbreakable foldiers but it doesn't hurt to try...) Read more
Never played minecraft it looks like a relaxing game I found it interesting to watch thanks for sharing. Read more
I play MC a lot simply because there's something relaxing about having a lot of familiar things to do and at the same time every time you start a game it's always a new place. Reminds me of making art, the pictures I make a new every time, but the tools are the same, just getting better and better at using them and finding new ones 😄 Read more
Is this a real think, like a Basil V-Tuber? :D I would totally watch this on youtube :D Read more
Yeah, it's on youtube if you click on that big Watch This Video button. But it was a one-time thing, it was fun to try and at first I was excited that I'm recording everything I do in the game for Youtube, but after an hour or so I realized that that feeling disappeared and I'm just playng the game as if it's not being recorded 😂 So I kinda lost the interest at that point, but then I suddenly had this idea to add Basil's model to the video and thought I'd upload the video after all, but just as a joke 🤣 Read more
This really caught me by surprise. What a fascinating idea! Read more
Very glad you liked it! I had this idea while watching someone's letsplay on Youtube and suddenly thought would be fun to render my character in a webcam view ^^ Read more
oh wow I thought he was gonna strip nude there for a moment lol Read more
I was glad Youtube didn't give me any false alarms about the last 3 seconds as was a bit worried XD Read more
Excellently done. The character is gorgeous (as always), the animation is on point, & most of all, the lighting is what really brings it together. You managed to change the ambient lighting based on the game footage to make it seem as if he really is in front of a screen. It really sells it and is a very professional touch! Read more
I'm very happy that you enjoyed it!!
I got this idea to make a model of Basil while watching someone's letsplay and I even tried to copy their eye movement, so learned a lot 😁

For the ambient lighting, I just took the footage and placed it right over the webcam box with a heavy blur filter and a "hard light" blending mode, so that did the whole trick of slightly altering the lighting in the webcam. But yeah, I didn't render the entire 1.5 hrs for that webcam, in fact it's just a 3 seconds loop 🤣 Read more
Can we expect Nate to stream like this too in his 'comfortable' triplefold? I would watch that stream for sure! Read more
Hahah! Do you have Adobe Mindreader 🤣
I was just looking at that pic of him yesterday, thinking he could play some Bedrock as part of his Backfold training 😁 Read more
This whole idea is so alive... making Basil into real game streamer in a sense :-) but what is more you pulled off some incredible animation at 0:20+
I have no idea how complex or time consuming such art is but it does make Basil way more cute and "real". If it could last for bit longer when he ie exercise that be real game changer.
And thats why I managed to say just WOW at first!
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much!! :D
It's not something I would enjoy doing every day, but it was interesting to try creating a letsplayer setup and as you say make Basil more "real" :D Read more
Wow, it would be really cool if you could create fully animated scenes, maybe even sexual ones. Read more
Nah, this was a Special... it took me extreme amount of energy to pull myself together to make this little scene... Read more
I've never thought Minecraft could be hot, but this is the second time you've proven that wrong.

He looks super realistic in the way he moves. I love it.
-tbj Read more
I'm very glad you enjoyed it so much! 😁 Read more
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