🖥️ Backfold Monitor

Yasha was suffering from low back pressure lately, so he ordered the best contortion equipment on the planet. It was a bit too much at first but now he's really getting into it... XP

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What do you think? 😄
Suck that ribcage! :-D I knew Yasha will find a way to be sucked and bended, all in one moment somehow, but this goes beyond expectations!
Idea with cameras so good.
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Haha do I hear a Borderlands fan?
Yup since i'm doing this in 3D I just can't get enough of how many angles look good sometimes, so I'm trying to find ways to incorporate more angles into the picture. I've seen some 3D artists do several images of the same scene from different angles but I find it not very artistic. Well, at some point I might finally try a comic :P Read more
Interesting idea.love this equipment!he can do more with this equipment Read more
Thank you so much!! Yes I wonder if he will get sucked all the way into it so his ribcage pops from the other side XD
Also what other equipment does he have in this room... 9.9 Read more
Sadly dont know that one, I know like Witcher 1 or Skyrim, Oblivion, Planescape Torment etc and liked most popular strategy games (Master of Orion 2, Caesar 3) back when genre existed.

Yes thats what Iam loving, that you are finding way how to add multiple images into one naturaly and they aren't just form different angle, they are indeed different!

Comic is a tricky thing, it can end up as absolute blast, or bit awkward, but as with everything you sure figure it out!

Thanks for reply!!!
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Ah, I thought you meant 'Suck my ribcage' as a quote from Borderlands 2. That's a great game by the way, tons of memorable moments from it! Most games I install only to uninstall them but some games never age, e.g. Skyrim, Dark Souls, but I guess each of us has their own list. For example many people like Portal 2 but I didn't have any fun with it.

Yeah, comics are too tricky and I normally make art just to relax and have fun, all the 3D software and painting/posteffects software are a lot like a big complex video game, it's fun to explore all the things you can do. Contortion makes it easy to stay focused on learning something new like this device I made by myself. Always wanted to learn this stuff because I think those smooth futuristic devices look super hot for contortion training and I'm definitely looking forward to make more crazy stuff like this haha... "soft bodies vs hard surfaces" XD Read more
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Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed it ^-^ Read more
Please... Yasha... more of this pls...
xDxD Seriously though I am in love with this whole idea, the view from the back is honestly my favorite! What I wouldn't give to find out what other sorts of stuff he has in this room... Your pics always seem to hint to so much more than what's shown! They activate my imagination so much I can't keep myself from thinking about these pictures for ages after seeing them! Imagining all the possible angles, all the ways to use this machine... Also I love Yasha, what a character *cries*
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Yeah! Backfold is the best! But it can always get better 😜
Hey I'm super happy that my pictures are memorable! For me it's the best thing to hear because myself I think that a movie or a book or a place was good only if I can still remember anything from it :P
And Yasha is fun! There are characters who cringe when you try to draw them into a situation they don't like, but Yasha he's all about experiments! Maybe it's a bonus of having an unbreakable body, wanna try the possibilities :D Read more
How did he get in there? There is no opening mechanism. That he managed to fold himself around the bar inside the tube is proof of his ability, without the device even being activated XD
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Yes there is, the upper lid can go up an down Xp Read more
amazing idea and fantastic result 😍 Read more
Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! 😁 Read more
That looks really uncomfortable without nanites.

I'm away from the InterNet for a while and have such a wealth of your work I get to look through! I also may have figured out why I love your bendy stuff so much... It reminds me of Mummenschanz - specifically the big slinky pipe puppet.

It's so great to come back to so much amazing art. Thank you, Yuni.

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Thank you so much for coming back to talk, I was wondering what happened to you. I'm also surprised that you like my bendy stuff, I remember you always disliked it on DA. I guess as usual the trick is to keep bending until you start to like it :P Read more
...I just realised a lot of people may not know what Mummenschanz is.

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That's really cool! At first I could imagine the person inside but after a minute I was totally lost XD Read more
amazing back bending!! This is true fold!!! Read more
There's still an inch more he can do!
But yeah, always fold and never get old...or cold...or sold...too cheap 😜 Read more
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Love seeing yasha being sucked off 😜

V2 would have to be him being stuck all the way in with rips on the other side of the tube XD Read more
Haha, good luck with that 🤣 Read more
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