Back to Backfolde πŸ€ͺ

"We don't need no medication!"
We don't need no pulse control!"

That's what they all say but even the most unbreakable sometimes snap after doing their crazy bends and insanely difficult poses and end up in the Backfolde Sanitarium for treatment! πŸ€•

Here under the medical supervision they will calm down, fix their bad postures, pulled muscles and twisted joints, undergo a rehabilitation course of flexotherapy and guided twisting, get the necessary infusions and microsurgeries to improve their hypermobility, and eventually, after careful examination by professional instructors, they will go back to the society bendier than ever! πŸ’ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ

So sensual and bright picture! And Yasha's pose seems like beginning of triplefold) Thank you so much!! Haha, I like that idea!
"I'm not going to take those pills, I'm going to bend backwards, get my head between my legs so deep that I will grab them with my mouth! And then I'll get even deeper until I reach that drink too! All without using my hands!" πŸ˜‰
Y'know, warden this bendless prison won't unfold me forever... Buuut if i take my pills and straighten out... there's a possibilty of a conjugal visit before my troop? *nod* W-Well the show must still go on, and i intend to be with it, by hook or by crook. O-Only one at a time. Hmm then i suppose i will have to nurse it if i want to rehearse it, i-i'll get to bend over? ...*nod* Haha yeah, I was too thinking about making a story with him being forced to straighten, having to wear a straitjacket and taking anti-flex pills that harden the joints, but my writing skills aren't fine-tuned for dystopias... Another variant was the KGB (Kremlin's Gymnast Boys) training to become the Unbreakable Man, the most flexible boy in all of the Red Siberia. But in the end, difficult topics are difficult πŸ˜…
It doesn't fool me. All I see is just his naked body. Hehe, well, grab popcorn and wait for the part where he starts tearing off his clothes in the bending rage 😜
He makes even the plain white clothes look like sensual fashion.
Perhaps he celebrated his annual 18th birthday a little too hard. Twister can really get excessive when played by contortionists. Get well soon, Yasha!
"His annual 18th birthday", that made my day, haha! Yes, once they hit 18, I guess they celebrate it every year after. Then it perfectly explains why all of my characters look the same age if that's the cap of how old the person can look in the year 2201...
Anyway, I'm really happy that you liked these clothes! I'm thinking they would make great pajamas for him to wear in bed too πŸ˜‰
I bet that happened because he twisted so much someone else must have to untangle him and called for help to only place specializing in treating severe twistotosis :)
Yes, that was something I was thinking too. Or as another commenter suggested, we never know if he's not twisted 360 degrees under that shirt 😜
"Where's gone the blue pill, Morpheus ???")))) Take me back to my matrix))) Looks like they mixed the red and blue pills into a brand new purple pill! πŸ˜‰
I bet Yasha is twisted 360 degrees under that shirt and no one knows it Haha, yeah, knowing him... that makes perfect sense! πŸ˜‰
Yasha is beautiful even in hospital pajamas! 😍 Hehe, thank you! Don't they make him look even softer πŸ˜„
I bet some event is just about to unfold here. Maybe he'll just slip though the cracks. Well, I may have the skills to unfold Yasha but not enough to unfold the story further, heh... In my mind he just had some fun in the hospital and fixed his joints to twist like never before! He seems to really like going to all these places like shamans, doctors and Chinese kung fu masters to improve himself πŸ˜›
pink floyd😜 No... Pink Fold 🀣
Yasha the purest angel!
他就像白ι›ͺδΈ€ζ ·ηΊ―ζ΄ζ— η‘•οΌŒι›ͺδΉ‹ε›½ηš„η²Ύη΅οΌ <3
He is as pure and flawless as Baixue, the spirit of the snow country!
Thank you so much!! He loves angels, snow, and snow angels. Just like snow he will melt in your arms. But will not disappear, just become soft like a pillow!

Hmm, for some reason η™½ι›ͺ / Baixue I expected pictures of that Spirit but it only gives me pictures of snowmen and Disney's Snow White πŸ˜…
This is a beautiful work! Very glad you liked it! 😊
Please lock me in there with him. I'll help him Maybe the second pill is yours :D
Beautiful 😘😘 Thank you 😊
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