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Stefano is a witchboy in training on the twisted path of body magic 😏

Tried to make something like the Ruppel backbend but with the legs twisted like in Kandasana, the body floating up in smoke by magic 😛

What do you think? 😄
This is incredible! Love it! Read more
Hehe, thank you so much! 😄 Read more
This is a work of almost unmatched genius (matched only by your own works, of course). I love the perfect twist in the knees that tauten calves to upward twisted ankles unlike any kandasana ever seen and perhaps ever imagined, the feet en pointe, the vacant expression, the asymmetry of the hands and gently caressing fingers, hips melted and countervailed by such a fluidly folded spine; I'm sublimely arrested in a blissful catharsis. I wonder what such a pose is like from behind, and not only from an apprehension regarding the state of Stefano's Dionysian phallus. The monochrome heightens the seductive pagan tension of knife's edge and ritual candles. Thank you Yuni for another great work of apical genius; omnia artes suae quam clarissimus sunt, et cui par inveniri non potest. Read more
Very glad you enjoyed it so much! This idea was born from your previous comment that mentioned both the kandasana and the cavity on the torso. I thought mixing some contortion and magic would be interesting, the idea was that the smoke from the candles magically keeps his legs up, while the only support is the blade that goes deep into the torso cavity, yet his joints and body taking no damage whatsoever. Maybe making the body immune to physical damage is the purpose of this ritual or maybe he's just trying out his invulnerability.

I just thought since Stefano is a witch, some kind of dark or even completely black'n'white scene would be interesting. I remembered some of the witch horror movies that were all incredibly scary, but at the same time there was always something attractive about *being* the witch, to have all those supernatural powers to fool around with victims in grim and creepy ways, the perversions and sadomasochistic flavor. I can totally see witches in real life practicing contortion as a special sport to keep themselves fit but in their very own, perverse way. Read more
I have to say, I absolutely love the style you have taken your last couple of pieces. As always, keep up the tremendous work! Read more
I'm very excited to hear that! I wasn't sure how they would be perceived but myself I enjoyed them quite a lot as well! Thanks! Read more
I'm amazed that our humble interaction engendered the conditions for a work such as this; the comment system you implemented is brilliant, though I am regrettably guilty of under utilizing it at times.
The blade reminds me of a bed of nails, and Stefano an ascetic; in his own way he meditates.
Sadomasochistic contortionist witches, in my estimation, is a brilliant idea, which I hope you get the chance to vivify. Your ingenuity always keeps me guessing, and I, as usual, can hardly contain my excitement as I eagerly anticipate your next work. Read more
Ah yes, meditation slowly turning into masturbation, wouldn't be surprised to see drops of cum dripping from behind in the light of those candles, his face is literally demanding of that little detail.

I'm very happy you enjoyed the idea, I'm sure Stefano & co. will have such sights to show us! Read more
Seems very dangerous, must be really high black magic! Read more
True Black Magic 😆 Read more
Absolutely gorgeous! Read more
Very glad you enjoyed! 😄 Read more
Wow very interesting artistic piece, thanks to black/white mode and "meditation" vibe I percieve Stefano pose as pure art. So I am not melting before his cuteness as elsewhere. Yet pose itself is extremely fresh... reminding some Indian deity if anything existing at all :)

This piece just deserve much more praise than I can give, idea of magic smoke for example adding a lot "support" with so little visual noise etc.

It is great to see you experiment and be good at it. Stefano must be center of envy among other witches and even some mages :-D
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Yeah, it probably reminds of an Indian deity because it includes the Kandasana, which originates in India.

Don't worry, your comments always give me new ideas, which is priceless! Indeed I wonder if the witches and mages have a way to enjoy each other's work... I'm sure Stefano wouldn't want to show it to someone unworthy, unless they anger him and then he casts powerful magic with his unmatched contortions, sometimes a pose like that is the last thing they see ("ah I can die happy now" XD)
With other fellow witches and mages, maybe they sometimes trade secrets and just show off in a friendly way :P Read more
Thank you Yuni, this time for a kind words! They mean lot to me...
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Beauty, pain and pleasure. We look forward to continuing. Read more
Reminds me how I cut my finger deep when making a salad yesterday, it kept bleeding for 20 minutes, I thought it's good my characters don't have to live in this stupid real world, it would be lethal for them 😂 Read more
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