Arrival of a Rival

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the bendiest of them all? Good vs evil, elves vs demons, Ulien vs Inael!

What do you think? 😄
Pierced strawberry (pink) milk nipples vs. natural chocolate/mocha nipples. I can't decide, can't I just have them both. One looks like the prince of a feudal kingdom, the other the prince of a traditional tribe. How about I unite both worlds by marrying both princes. Read more
Uhh if only princes of feudal kingdoms always looked so sexy-flexy... But it's a perfect idea that they need a common lover to unite them! It would make a great story if two princes of opposing kingdoms got united like that, only to learn that they have many things in common 😊 Read more
Wow. So great!!! Read more
Thank you! 😊 Read more
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