Arlen's Dance

This is a dance I just invented for my new adopted elf Arlen, it symbolizes the fight between a swan and a snake.

The top of his body is dressed as a swan, while his legs symbolize a snake. The snake tries to bite the swan and the swan tries to fly away. Now add beauty and elegance and you get the dance ^.^

I won this character in a lottery that Aldric made, so he became mine and I had to give him a name and a story, so in this first drawing of him I will also tell his story that he made me think of! ^o^

Arlen's mom was one of those parents who already know what to make of their children before they're even born. She had a dream that one day her little son would become a great contortionist, and maybe he would be so good at it that he'd invent a whole new pose or two, so since infancy she prepared him for the contortion school.

On the year when he had to choose a teacher, he wasn't forced to go to the contortion school but was given the freedom of choice as such was the custom: one chooses his own future.

His mom was pretty sure that she had prepared and inspired him well and that the boy would choose contortion as a speciality anyway. She already taught him to do the splits, put his feet behind his head, his backbend was also very good and he could touch with the back of his head not only his own feet like many children can, but even his own butt.

His mom was very proud of herself and thought that she had done an amazing work, if her son can do all this already at the age of 6, before even entering the school, then by the age of 16 he will surely be the brightest star in the sky!

While his mother was daydreaming, the boy was shown around many many different classes and all of a sudden he chose the teacher of ballet dance out of the many teachers he met. What he saw in that class got him hooked up on ballet immediately.

But he didn't want to make his mom unhappy, so he went to the teacher of contortion as well. It was against all traditions to learn two specialities but the boy was so sweet when asking for it that the teacher just couldn't say no.

The two teachers talked and agreed to make an exception for Arlen, so the teacher of ballet dance agreed to demand more of the boy's flexibility during the ballet workouts, and the teacher of contortion said that he will make the boy focus on more active, dynamic stretches, rather than static or passive, so that he could learn to move freely in extreme ways, while the ballet teacher would then refine these moves and make sure they look elegant and not clumsy.

Taking two classes at once was hard but in the following 10 years Arlen mastered a very unique style of ballet dancing that made his dances very popular. He let his body flow through very extreme shapes on the stage while not losing the rhythm and elegance of the dance, and his mom always hugged him afterwards and cried of happiness because her little son grew into such a beautiful and talented young man and what he was doing on the stage was even more beautiful than what she was hoping for.

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Hello Yuni! Would you ever think of reviving dear Arlen? I remember when he first appeared and loved his story! My favorite characters of yours are ones with a fusion style of contortion, and contortion and ballet just go so well together :3 Read more
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