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Part 3

Sergio takes part in the wasped yoga competition, shows what he learned over several years of yoga practice and waist-wasping...Est. Reading Time ~ 2-4 minutes ๐Ÿง

"Sorry, I have to leave, got a competition today," Sergio couldn't sit to the end of the movie.

He jumped into a car and 8 minutes later he was already in a yoga gym. Other boys were struggling, tugging their belts. Some did well, some couldn't even close theirs.

Sergio quickly took off his belts and applied a couple of small golden rings on his waist, locking them with a special tool. He spread the rings apart and applied another two between them. It was easy so far but after two more it started getting hard to breath, the rings were buried not only into his waist but deep under his lungs and into his bowels below.

The nineth and tenth rings he had to add one by one, almost forcing the last one in place. After the struggle he took a breath, as much as he could anyway.

He was right on time as the judges called out his name almost immediately. He rushed to the stage and took a deep bow, holding his hands together, then without delay he started performing his set.

He bent his chest backwards, of course he was only able to bend his upper back, but he managed to bend it so much that his head touched his butt. He grabbed himself on the hips and pulled, extending his ribcage, opening it almost like a fan.

Good thing the rings weren't made of gold, they were really solid and unbreakable without special tools. The rings were so tight on his body that even when bending they didn't show a gap.

His next move was twisting his legs and putting both of his feet against the golden rings on his waist. The feeling of his soles against the lower ribs was so amazing he closed his eyes in satisfaction. He then lay on his chest and used the strength of his arms to get into a stand on his chest with both legs straight in the air, then started bending his hip bone until his butt touched the back of his head.

He spiced up all of movements with some bellydancing and hip rolls in between, and he was a pro at belted dancing since childhood. Long before he got into yoga he won several belted dancing competitions but today was his first yoga tournament.

And he couldn't believe it! He got... the first prize!? The judges hanged it right on his cinched waist, he didn't even take the rings off for more than an hour while watching all the other yoga boys perform.

He couldn't believe he got the first prize because some of them were so good, specially the one who did some amazing contortion poses in the air while hanging on a tight rope that went around his waist, buried into it to the backbone! Of course it was only as difficult as one of Sergio's rings but the flexibility of that guy was beyond belief, coupled with his body looking like it's sliced in two separate halves by the rope...

Well, what do you think, two high awards in one day! At this rate Sergio would need to get a special bookshelf for them soon...

Why split the rings when Sergio will soon be squeezing his waist anyway... Not sure what you mean...
i love it,..i wish to be 5000 more photos with tight waist :-D Thank you so much!! Glad you like them as much as I do, it seems!
I only made around 200 so far, 4800 more... I'm on it XD
Lovely image, so Adorable ๐Ÿ’• Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ˜Š
I really like your drawings with the waistline. I would like to see more drawings with different situations the characters find themselves in. Daevius be like Very glad you liked it! I definitely will make countless more pictures of wasped waists ๐Ÿ˜
But comments really help, otherwise it feels really weird to share these pictures, so thanks a lot for commenting!!
I love the wasps! Can you do wasps and amputees?
I love it and write more soon!
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