Arcus Competition Stretch

Arcus stretching for a surprise trick for the acrobatic dance competition-- acrobats and dancers are very popular in the kingdom of Asmodeus, so the more attractive young slaves are expected to be skillful at dancing, bending and balancing. Their masters are demanding when it comes to the skill, but good performers are always highly rewarded and despite their slave status they often lead a pretty luxurious life; maybe it's one of the reasons why king Asmodeus decided to make prince Arcus a dancer after enslaving him (excited by his beauty, the king could dream of nothing but Arcus performing for him). Of course, it was a secret, but he did everything to find the best acrobatics teacher for Arcus, that teacher's pupils were very well known for their performances and living in luxury, so everybody considered Arcus damn lucky.

The training was hard but --since the ancient times when God cursed Lucifer-- every demon was addicted to pain, so like everyone else, Arcus was used to find a special joy in bearing it, rather than running away crying like a baby human (demon kids, on the contrary, loved to receive a good slap on the butt from their parents every once in a while). His teacher was careful but his hands were strong and determined to discover all the secrets of Arcus's body, so to say. Arcus was secretly thankful that his boring life as a prince ended and was trying his best to become a good dancer, so it wasn't a surprise when in the end he was about to take part in the big competition with all the chances to win.

For the competition Arcus chose to wear a tiny sky blue loincloth and his favorite ear rings-- and pretty much nothing else as acrobatic dance was first of all supposed to show the beauty of a well trained flexible body in motion, so a little clothing was only used to give it some variety. The dance was going to be about a poor boy who got captured and tormented by two soldiers, Arcus's dramatic expression and skillful twisting of his young tanned body was going to create the atmosphere of a hellish torture chamber while at the same time demonstrating the beauties of acrobatics. At the end Arcus would slowly slide in the split, the two "tormentors" would approach him to grab his feet and raise them in the air only to keep pushing until both of his feet met above his head where they would get locked with a big iron chain. Raising his hands, Arcus would balance standing on his hips only, then let his torso slowly melt into a deep bow backwards, symbolizing the captive's death-- notably, demons never enjoyed things that humans find "enjoyable" but the motives of slaying the weak, challenging one's body, as well as battles between the strong to find the strongest have always been very popular, though I personally wouldn't think of demons as some kind of barbarians, because as descendants of Lucifer and his archangels, they still often had something angelic about their appearance and manners, though God's curse changed their preferences completely: it is believed that by turning his angels into increasingly cruel demons God himself has created the weapon of self-destruction, but even though any demon is worth ten angels in willpower and strength, the number of the demonic rebels is still way too small and their powers are still far not enough to gather for a serious attack on the Pearly Gates, though prophets say that having a dedicated spirit, the final victory is only a matter of time...

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