Arch-Angel (WIP)

After listening to his new favorite track Archangel by Two Steps From Hell, Yasha decided to upgrade to an archangel. That's gonna take a lot of heavenly arching and God-like bends :D

Yasha is so soft and fluffy, must be nice to have him wrapped around you on a cold Siberian night.

Thank TK again for the funny jokes X3

What do you think? 😄
Me encanta la tematica gimnasia
I love the gymnastics theme Read more
Jejeje 😄
Hehehe Read more
Muy hermosa imagen 😍
Very beautiful image Read more
Estoy feliz de que te haya gustado! 😊
I'm happy that you liked it! Read more
Another "sporty" one :) oh wow, if only such poses were an option in RL. To hold such pose only on one bended and twisted leg and use second as a support!!! Oh geez and his golden hair are so nice as always... pink shoe-socks soft and light... .
11 out of 10! .-)

I also want to share with you some favorite songs, maybe you will like one or two?

Two Steps

Wyatt Earth

Woodkid - Spaces

And this video is one of my most favorite... it somehow makes you think - video starts at 0:50


True dawn of 3D virtual reality, those were THE times....

Hey You!

ps: have like 2000 more to share X-) but this is enough OT i think...
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much! I love this pose, specially if the leg is pressed against the back/shoulder without gaps, quite a miracle. There should be more purpose to contortion beside pure aesthetics, but even as pure aesthetics it's great. I once thought if real magic existed, it should be done using contortion as a sort of "controls" :D

Sorry I seem to be not a big fan of those particular songs at the moment, I'm more into Nintendo music currently:

Finding music is really hard for me as I find most music too depressive to listen to for more than 5 seconds ^^; Read more
I thank you!!! .-) this site is one big treasure trove of greatest art. Yes if you imagine your own knee could touch shoulder while standing on other which feels as drawn bow... just miracle if your body could handle it.

I agree with magic 100%, but only if magical mushrooms and "insertion" spells were thing too X-D
Then even I would be slim and bendy archmage in notime haha!

Well as music goes we aren't "clicking" sadly - as I think those tunes are mostly happy not sad, yet I do like parts of both your links there are "playful" passages.

Thinking about it I love commedy of most sorts and this very old and one of a kind show always had special kind of soft yet smart and funny scenes. It also has theme close to what you linked! So maybe.... :p

Ah yeah and I found in my memory another one somehow similar, but this is concentrated melancholy so dont listen often... and if you need to cry without stop then show it belongs to is way to go :-D so... Read more
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