Aorev's Morning

This is a gift for Aldric, the artist whose characters and ideas always make my day so much brighter! ^__^

It's my vision of her elf Aorev from the tribe called Oriental. He's depicted at many different ages but here I imagined him to be around eighteen.

I've been closely following Aldric's works for a few months already and as much as I gathered, Oriental is an elven tribe where contortion isn't something out of the norm but quite the contrary, practiced by almost every elf, and "practiced" is probably a wrong word to use, more like enjoyed like a pleasant part of life, so for an Oriental elf learning to bend that far by the age of eightteen isn't something extraordinary but more like a natural development curve.

Just what kind of the society is that? It's such a teaser, I want to close my eyes and become an Oriental elf just for a minute ^o^ Sadly (for me) those elves are as tiny as 5 eurocents and most tourists don't believe they even exist and those who believe in them would need a camera with good analog zoom and macro mode if they wanted to take pictures like this ^^

Either way, for these elves contortion is a way to entertain each other as well as all the people who come to visit them just to look at the sight like this. Of course there were bad folks who only sought to capture and enslave poor little elves, kind of like rare butterflies, to make weird exhibitions of them and such, but suddenly the elves got powerful protection from the demons who were also avid lovers of contortion, and so the elves lived happily and safely since then and bent their bodies only for their own enjoyment ^_^

Based on the character and stories by Aldric

What do you think? 😄
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